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She additionally have skill in Critical Care including CVP arrangement, percutaneous tracheostomy and dealing with all fundamentally sick, precisely ventilated patients, Ultrasound directed method in ICU and Pulmonology, Basic and progressed heart life support, Bronchoscopic systems like B

Best Pulmonologist in South Delhi is something you can’t find easily. So to help you we did some digging and find out the best pulmonologist in South Delhi. In the recent times you might want to get the treatment from the best pulmonologist and Dr. Neetu is the one who is the best in this field according to her patients. She is very skilled and talented doctor, she specializes in Critical Care and Pulmonary diseases. Due to rise in covid she started working hard and aims to brings peace in the current cenerio. Dedication in the field of medicine and her passion for academics led her to be a Senior Resident at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and eventually served there for more than 7 years.


Best Pulmonologist in South Delhi| Know your doctor!!



She was always a good student and a great academician and a practicing general surgeon who has a passion for teaching, caring and research. 


The main moto of her was that healthcare should be accessible to everyone, and she uses her experience to make this dream a reality. When it comes to her qualifications, it include MS (General Surgery) from the University of Delhi, MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and MCh (Gastroenterology Hepatobiliary surgery) from the University of London. 


Not only this but she is very talented that she also diplomas in Laparoscopic Surgery and Colorectal Surgery from the National Board of Examination, Washington DC USA and from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland respectively. All these things makes her the best pulmonologist in South Delhi. 


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Why you should choose her?


Not all people care for you and not in terms of health but financially, whatever the situation is her prices are also caring. She is the best pulmonologist in South Delhi because of her dedication, patients satisfaction, and that is why we are rooting for her.


You should contact her immediately if you feel any pulmonary restlessness.


Address: New Delhi-17 

Phone No: 91-8287429854 


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