Impact of relationships on happiness and health

Our relationships have a great impact on our health.

Our relationships have a great impact on our health. Relationships apart from being a medium to happiness also create great responses in our body. It has been observed that isolation and loneliness cause stress in an individual and he can be seen really happy if you see him with his friends and family. It has been established that relationships boost the immune system in an individual.


There was the research carried out on a group of nurses who were below the age of 65 years. The immune system of their blood and the attachment style of each were considered in the study. It was found that women who had an insecure style of attachment had reduced immune activity and were prone to various diseases. There was a direct correlation between the level of secure attachment and the effectiveness of the immune system.


There was also another study conducted which took into account how one’s perceived usefulness to their families and friends had an impact on their health. The study was conducted among adults who aged between 70 to 79 years. These people were examined 7 years later for health data and also for mortality. The study concluded that individuals who had high ratings on their own usefulness were last expected to suffer from mortality or any other chronic illness.


The percentage of a person developing a cognitive problem was also high in those who felt lonely. So, it is interesting to notice that you may have a good connection but the important thing from your health perspective is not to feel lonely.