The bulk of this suggestion isn't what the butler looks like

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If you were to OSRS GP pick the"Build a wall" alternative, you wouldn't be provided a menu. Rather, the match would check to see what type of material your house is constructed from. It would then check your construction level, as you'd need ten levels above the construction level needed to purchase the material. (EX. Fancy (Falador) stone will require 60 construction to build a wall.) Then it might tell you that the materials needed to build a wall of the same material.

If you've got the essential materials for the wall, it would ask if you'd like to construct a wall, using simply the choices of'yes' and'no'. In the future if you wish to delete the wall, go into building style, and select the'delete' option on the wall. A confirmation message will appear which you'll be able to confirm or deny if you would like to delete the wall.

On this thought I have to admit I cannot think of one part of the update: that what the butler would be. I am not sure what will be better looking than a demon butler. The only thing I've come up with is an angelic butler.

The bulk of this suggestion isn't what the butler looks like, but its functions. The butler can do almost anything you might possibly want within your house: make dishes, serve some hot tea, or merely greet guests. However, the butlers appear to be sorely lacking within their own banking skills. The butlers appear to be only able to draw construction things from the bank. Even further, the butlers appear to be able to only bring certain construction items from the bank; things such as rope or runes can't be cheap RS gold brought. Butlers can bring any product you're holding to the bank, so should not the reverse be true as well?

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