We Earn Money, Shop Till Our Souls Get Tired - The Never Ending Process

"Shopping and buying" in the perspective of a layman "Purchasing" in the marketing parlance all means to give the item we want to purchase. To be short, it's trade. Barter was one method in the times to swap goods against things where no money was involved and

"Shopping and buying" in the perspective of a layman "Purchasing" in the marketing parlance all means to give the item we want to purchase. To be short, it's trade. Barter was one method in the times to swap goods against things where no money was involved and no calculations were made. For example , a kg of rice was exchanged for a kg of wheat and the list goes on. It's gone. Today, it's all about money shops for sale in Islamabad on installments. People started thinking big when they began earning more and more. The situation is like that they buy something because they've achieved that status and sometimes just because they are possessed by their friends. I believe that having something to be a part of it is worth above the value of money. The definition of market in books is "A place where buyers and sellers meet and exchange their products and services". It has evolved into an opportunity for making money. People have become obsessed with their shopping habits and are constantly looking for new items. The choice is entirely up to the consumer how they consider it. Some buy just because they'd like to own it, some do shopping to relax, or as a pastime and set up a scenario for them to shop. It's endless.

The development of a shopping craze is based on the attitude and buying habits of an individual. The quality of the product, customer satisfaction, and the way the seller conducts business play an important role in dragging customers to their shop. Generally discounts; good shopping environment, customer relationship management, value added services etc are some of the strategies/activities they perform to keep loyal customers. It is true that availability of the product and services, the variety of brand-name goods, variety of items, store ambience etc are considered crucial.

Shopping is a habit that is practiced by every one of us almost daily. We find some reason to purchase something. Pens grocery items, pencils, and so on. List is never ending. I've seen people make a list of things they want to buy , but when they go in the store, they get carried away by the attractive displays, advertisements or even the wrapper , and purchase items that aren't on their list. Finally they come home and say, "Oh my god, I have got this one. I forgot what I wanted. It is my mistake" and it goes on and on. In marketing jargon this is known as impulse purchasing.

Shopping is always fun. Some plan to shop. Others, it simply happens. There is one term "window shopping". Define it is a great idea. It's the cheapest method of obtaining satisfaction. It is the only shopping in which people do it with lots of enjoyment and joy because nothing gets out of the pocket. Window shopping is great if the shopping mall is air-conditioned and well-scented with good fragrance and the store ambiance is colorful. Wow. I'm sure everybody would have had this experience.

The festival's first step is to shop. This is the only culture observed across the world. What can we purchase for festivals? Sweets, chocolatesand gifts clothing, stationery, fruits, flowers clothes, dress material and junk food. The list is unending. "Hey, come let us see what we find there, will this shop be okay for us?, where do we get branded clothes? ", are some of the queries we'll notice. Specialty stores make a lot during this time. As I am thinking of specialty stores, the phrase brand loyalty pops into my head. It is when a person chooses to stick to one particular brand. They don't compromise with other brands. "Somehow I want it" will be their mantra. In this case, males have a lot of brands they can choose from while women do not.

I generally love shopping. I purchase anything that's worthwhile and worth the price. I am often asked "Why did you take Retail management as an elective paper in your marketing" and this is my answer to them "I love shopping and moreover retailing sector is coming up". There's always a question that keeps popping up in my mind. Why do people buy? The truth is due to the appearance (packaging) and the significant price. Packaging plays a crucial function in selling a product. The most effective example is FMCG (Fast transporting consumer products) products. Shampoos, biscuits, chocolates teeth pastes, cosmetics and many others fall in the category. I think that purchases made on impulse are influenced by the packing.

I think that targeting kids will make any company prosperous. Children are the main influencers in the majority of the families. From biscuits to clothing parents give them the choice. In the past, the way of buying gifts for children consisted of "I have bought this for you". It has completely changed. It is now "see if this will suit you, if you don't like it you choose". Animations and cartoons do not really matter. The color of the design and the good colors are crucial.

As I said earlier, I love shopping. I believe everyone should learn the skill of watching things that happen within them while they shop. Well, it is very interesting to see the product range, salesman's style of responding, displays inside and outside of the shop promotional strategies employed to attract buyers, the lighting of the items, maintenance and many more. The joy of watching people having fun and purchasing what they want can't be described in a short amount. Shopping is an endless issue. My idea of looking at shopping may not be identical to others. But it doesn't have to be.

I feel a salesman can generate a number of people who visit his shop. Promotion, advertising brand image, location and place of business are important outside however inside the shop the way a customer is treated is a major factor. In a store, a section should not be filled with too many salespersons. If the number of customers is too much is helpful. If there are a few customers this can cause irritation to customers. Unorganized processes like repeated requests, delay in showing the products, lack of attention to one customer generally happen. I have seen people deciding whether to go back to the same shop or go to the counter for billing. If they're happy, they say, "This is the shop I was looking for, awesome service, great shopping experience and so on". If they aren't happy with the service, even if the shop is all good "I have never had such a bad experience, they don't have anything with them other than their salesmen and so on". This reminds me of one statement "One satisfied customer can bring 'n' number of customers". This is "Word of mouth strategy".