Cleaning to Get Back to Hospitality



During the pandemic, the hotel industry has suffered from reduced business travel and tourism. Many hotel chains have cut back on staffing and, as a result, housekeeping services. In fact, a hotel service workers union says that 40% of hotel housekeeping jobs may be permanently eliminated.


While cleaning services have been cut back, hotel guests still expect the same level of cleanliness, with the intensified expectation of disinfection of surfaces. If you are a hotel manager or owner, you are probably looking for ways to satisfy your guests with a smaller cleaning staff. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your hotel clean and hygienic, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. 


Use appropriate cleaning supplies

Of course, the key element of keeping a clean hotel is using cleaning supplies that fit the bill. Guests are looking for spotless lobbies, rooms, bathrooms, and dining areas. They are also concerned with infection control, so it is wise to use a disinfectant. 

Your best bet is to purchase a concentrated multipurpose cleaning solution that can be used on high-touch surfaces, walls, appliances, and flooring. Econo Clean’s multipurpose cleaner is a great product that is versatile and allows for different concentration by dilution based on your cleaning needs.


Invest in risk reduction strategies

More obvious options include offering hand sanitizer and face masks to guests in common areas such as lobbies and hallways. Implement contactless payment and check-in/check-out options to allow for social distancing. Consider installing HEPA filters to improve air quality, and think about using electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting.


Communicate updated protocols

If your hotel is taking all of the right steps to ensure a clean and sanitary lodging, make sure you communicate that with your guests! Provide information as to how often rooms are cleaned by housekeeping so they know what to expect during their stay. Emphasize that you clean high-touch surfaces frequently, including:

# Remotes

# Phones

# Clocks

# Doorknobs

# Light switches

# Toilets

Be sure to share how often linens will be changed, and offer clean towels on request. Pick up trash at least daily. Have staff clean and disinfect common areas during the daytime so that patrons can see that protocols are being followed. Reiterate your commitment to cleanliness to establish trust with your guests.


Get Certified

Some states and countries have started offering "clean and safe" certifications for hotels that meet certain guidelines for cleanliness. Check with your local hotel associations to see if certification is available in your area, or if there is specialized training for hotel housekeeping staff. Having all of your staff on the same page when it comes to cleaning will go a long way in infection control.