Chances of Natural Pregnancy after Failed IUI

There are many cases of getting pregnant naturally after a failed IUI.

According to recorded data, it is found that 307 women conceived during their retirement days of infertility treatments. But after treatment gets over, out of these, only 84 women can get pregnant successfully. Researches Mostly say that 87 percent of natural conceptions occur between two years after the infertility treatment ends once.

After failing the IUI, discuss a possible reason for this happening; you will get the correct answer for your failure; it would help you find the following possible solution.

Doctors always say never to lose hope after failing IUI because many incidents occurred, such as failed IUI then-pregnant naturally because they logically took a one-cycle break before going for Vitro fertilization. Yes, indeed, all are not Lucky as some may be, but it’s not false if you think it’s not possible.

Chances of Natural Pregnancy after Failed IUI

One patient shared a Motivational story to them who lost hope because of a failed IUI. They said, “We couples gone for IUI even after we got failed three times, with the final result of getting ectopic pregnancy news. Yes, we have taken a break and do not lose hope, and thus we are at this position of success even after failing three times. We have two healthy babies as a sign of success for those who don’t believe in our words. My natural pregnancy after failed IUI is due to break which we took during this tough journey ”.

After failed fertility, don’t lose hope; there are multiple options available where you can try. Who says one failure will always be a failure? It’s not the truth, you can go any number of times to treat this, but you need to have a proper health checkup as Suggested prior. Little Angel IVF is the best Clinic for IUI treatment in India.

There may be many reasons for IUI failure, don’t think your reasons are unnecessary; they might not be correct. But the main reasons it takes place are poor quality of eggs, age of women might be more than 35, sperm quality may be poor, the timing of fertilization may not be proper, etc.


Failed IUI treatment is normal nowadays; there is no need to panic and lose hope. There are many cases of getting pregnant naturally after a failed IUI. It might also be you, Unfortunately, failed to conceive implantation for the may get naturally pregnant.



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