Five Common Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options:

A male sexual disorder is called erectile dysfunction, an inability to attain an erection. The primary cause of erectile dysfunction is inappropriate blood flow.

A male sexual disorder is called erectile dysfunction, an inability to attain an erection. The primary cause of erectile dysfunction is inappropriate blood flow. However, the causes of erectile dysfunction, but there are erectile dysfunction treatment options, which you can try.

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to attain an erection for sexual activity.

Having erection problems sometimes is common and does not indicate any severe issue. If erectile dysfunction is a frequent issue for you, it can affect your self-confidence and generate relationship disputes. Problems in attaining and sustaining an erection can be a sign of an underlying health problem, for which you may need medical help.

If you are concerned regarding erectile dysfunction, make sure you take professional help. Sometimes, treating an underlying condition can also help to control erectile dysfunction. In other cases, men have several erectile dysfunction treatment options to control feeble erection.

What are the different erectile dysfunction treatment options?

The first thing your doctor will ask you are you taking any other medications properly for keeping your health very well so that it does not trigger ED.

Therefore, depending on the cause and severity of erectile dysfunction and any disorders that you have, you can have different erectile dysfunction treatment options. Your health professional can explain the risks and advantages in detail about different types. Your partner's preferences can also play an essential role in the treatment that you are choosing.

Physical Therapy

You can consult a physical therapist to know more about physical exercises. One can also do kegel exercises that can help relieve erectile dysfunction. You can also try Kegel exercises by yourself.

Oral Medications to treat ED

Oral medications are a convenient way of treating erectile dysfunction. The most commonly used anti-impotent medicines are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. They work only in presence of sexual stimulation; this can generate an erection. However, these medications are not for everyone. They can interfere with different medications and can cause negative health effects. Therefore, take it under medical supervision.

Vacuum Erection Devices

It is a plastic cylinder that covers the penile organ creating a vacuum suction in the cylinder, which sucks the blood to the male organ. An elastic tension band is present at the base of the penile and helps to sustain an erection.

Intraurethral Suppositories

An applicator with a small medicated pellet is inserted in the urethra through the opening present in the male organ. The pellet is very minute, which dissolves easily into the bloodstream and acts to increase blood flow to the male organ, which results in an erection.

Penile Implants

It is a medical device, which is implanted surgically inside the male reproductive organ. It is completely implanted inside the penile organ; the pump fills blood in the cylinders. This reaction leads to an erection.

The penile implants process is done by professionals; typically, a urologist or an expert in penile prosthetics can complete the surgery. There are varieties of penile implants: three-piece inflatable implant, two-piece inflatable implant, and one-piece implant.