The way to visit other worlds in Final Fantasy XIV

In FFXIV, many players buy FFXIV Gil to have more fun.

In FFXIV, many players buy FFXIV Gil to have more fun. But for some players who want to play with friends, they need to have some knowledge. If players want to visit their friends from another world in FFXIV, here is everything they can know.

A lot of players should set FFXIV up on a home server, or the world. This is where they will live their digital lives as Warrior of Life. In the past, players could only team up and chat with others on the same world server, but Square Enix has since updated the game to implement a world access system. This allows players to travel to other worlds in the same Data Center as themselves, and Square Enix will add more features as they roll out data center travel in the future.

If players want to visit another world, they need to go to any of the three main city states, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah or Gridania. They need to interact with Aetheryte there. Select “Visit Another World Server” to open the world access system Final Fantasy XIV Gil. This menu will display the player’s Home World, Current World, and a list of available worlds they can go to. Players can also peruse the restricted breakdown of the world access system.

Players can click on any of the worlds they want to visit and confirm their destination, at which point they will be placed in a queue, just like when queuing for a mission. For some lucky players, they can start traveling almost immediately and a window will appear, showing that they are about to jump to another world. Players will end up back in the same location as before, no matter which city they are in, but in the new world.

While waiting to travel, players cannot leave their area, use the Aethernet, or enter a job. Travel to another world cannot be cancelled, so if players change their minds, they have to wait until they go to the next world before choosing to go home. When visiting other worlds, there are some restrictions that affect them. Currently, players can only access other worlds in the same Data Center as their Home World. This may bring more fun to players. Of course, players can also Buy FFXIV Gil at IGGM to enjoy a better game journey.