Shaving Brush Hair: A Guidebook for All

Shaving brushes can help you turn good shaving into good shaving.

Learn the basics of shaving brush hair. All-natural hair shaving brushes have a certain odor when first used, which disappears quickly.


There are four main types of brush hair that you will encounter when you start bubbling. 


  • Badger 
  • Boar 
  • Horse 
  • Synthetic 
  • Badger shaving brush 


Badgers are one of the classic shaving brush types, arguably the "best" and of different qualities, so they can be categorized into almost any price range. It offers different levels of scrub and can be cloud-softened by choosing the right one.


Due to the badger usage with the use of best andis clippers,  little or no break-in time is required. Low grades can smell certain animals, but with some soap, they wear out quickly. 


Badger’s hair is especially popular for wet shaving because of its water retention, facial feel, and spine. It foams with water and firmness and fits comfortably on the skin. 


Badger hair shaving brush quality varies by manufacturer. However, the three commonly accepted varieties are Pure, Best, and Silvertip. Manufacturers have other unique qualities, but these are often difficult to define. What distinguishes these hair qualities from each other? 


The Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush is the cheapest of all because it uses the inferior badger hair found in most badger hair. It is often black, even in dark colors. It does not hold as much water as higher grade hair and is the most scratched.


This is effective for scrubs and effervescent hard soaps, but it can also be irritating to sensitive skin. It is important to note that, unlike higher grade hair, these brushes are often not handmade. 


All of the classic shaving brush makers out there offer great clean brushes. There is no mistake. 


Best / Super Badger Hair Shaving Brush 

This dramatically improves hair quality. Hair is often striped. In other words, it's a two-tone color. It retains more moisture than plain and is considerably softer, with some scratches.


If you're on a tight budget and want to get the most out of what badger hair shaving brushes offer, this is the brush for you. The Simpsons shaving brushes stand out when it comes to best brushes, but other manufacturers like Edwin Jaguar are more than competent competitors. 



  • Silver Tip Shaving Brush


Silver Tip Shaving Brush is considered a shaving brush cream de la cream. These brushes are carefully handcrafted from badger hair. These are the softest and most luxurious shaving brushes you can buy for the money. They have extraordinary water retention and are great for making foam. Good examples are Edwin Jaguar, Simpson, and Mule.


But there is a price to pay for this luxury. These shaving brushes are more delicate than any other brush and require proper care as said by experts from RazorHood. It means proper drying, not too hard when whipping, and is common sense. 



  • Wild boar shaving brush 


Boar shaving brushes are difficult to classify. There are cheap boar brushes and expensive boar brushes. As long as you choose a reputable manufacturer like Omega or Semog, boar shaving brushes tend to be great brushes that won't disappoint you.


The best thing about the boar shaving brush is the price. On average, it's the cheapest of all brushes. They are soft and have just the right amount of exfoliating once incorporated. And they pick up less water than badger hairbrushes, but the amount picked up is still enough to make great foam. 


However,  such a low price has some drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest drawback of boar shaving brushes is break-in time. This refers to the time it takes for the hair to begin to tear, which makes the brush significantly softer. It takes a week or three for the boar brush to properly invade, which is a significant investment. 



  • Horsehair shaving brush 


 Horsehair shaving brushes are more expensive but very similar to boar brushes. After a period of the invasion of several weeks, they are very soft. Again, it's not as expensive as the upper layers of badger hair shaving brushes. This is great if you have a limited budget.


Unlike the other two natural options, horsehair is obtained by brushing and grooming the animal. The best horse shaving brush is the standard VieLong. 



  • Synthetic shaving brush 


Plastic, the only pet-free option available for shaving brushes, has come a long way and has caught up in the last few years. These brushes are not the cheapest. However, due to their excellent qualities, they are beginning to gain support. 


Due to their artificial nature, synthetic shaving brushes are the most animal-friendly option. It does not require a break-in period and is ready to use. Synthetic fibers dry very quickly, and the combination of this quality and durability makes it the perfect travel brush. The fibers easily release bubbles. This means less shaving cream and soap will be used over time. 


Although they have made great strides in recent years, synthetic fibers are never the same as true silvertip shaving brushes. They also do not hold as much water as their natural counterparts. This is great for traveling, but not as good as the natural choice. 


Choose Yourself 

After all, shaving brushes are very personal and can require a lot of experimentation to find the right one. Many shavers find that multiple brushes add versatility to their shaving routine. By investing in good brushes, you will be able to provide proper brush care for years to come.

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