Park View City – Total Land and Area

Many former Pakistanis are seeking affordable housing in an area that is sought-after. Park View City Overseas block offers them the chance. As with Golf Estate this block was just recently opened in response to the demands of international Pakistanis. The residents who are able to stay in



Park view city Islamabad location is near Gate 1 of the city. The residential block of the best quality is situated close to the commercial area in downtown. It is designed to transform into an exquisite home.


Overseas Block - Park View City Islamabad


Many former Pakistanis are seeking affordable housing in an area that is sought-after. Park View City Overseas block offers them the chance. As with Golf Estate this block was just recently opened in response to the demands of international Pakistanis. The residents who are able to stay in the area are holders of the NICOP.

The block is similar to the standards of other cities which means that foreign Pakistanis will not be aware of any differences. The design of the block will ensure that the most up-to-date services are accessible to people who aren't native Pakistanis. It also serves as a salute to all non-native Pakistanis who have played a role to the development and growth of Pakistan.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block the payment plan is cost-effective in comparison to other schemes. Residential plots are made up of plots ranging between 5 and 10 marla. The money is due in three installments spread over three years.


5 marla plots are bought for 6.500,000 as the down payment is 1625,000. The cost of every installment will be 608,375. The cost for 10 marla plots that are located within the Overseas Block is 11,000,000, starting at around 2.750,000. The cost of each monthly installment is $1031,250. The installments are available for purchase for 25,000,000, and the minimum down payment is 6,250,000. The median of the 8 months worth of payment per month, is 224443450.


It is broken down into 8 installments every quarter , which will cover the remaining remainder.


Market Trend and Plot Possession


The main reason behind this was the need for the creation of a new residential zone within Islamabad. Park View City developed the idea to ensure that the housing requirements for prisoners are met without difficulties. Housing costs is very high in Islamabad this is the reason residential developments like Park View City could help to manage the costs.


If we consider the price of plots across the various areas of Islamabad the price will be at minimum one million dollars to purchase. So, these developments will ensure that the needs of residents are satisfied at a reasonable price.


A right of ownership is given to the owners of properties who have invested money on plots they have. The remaining plots will be determined at close of the period. Voting will occur every few months to ensure that there is fairness in the distribution of land. It's an investment that will pay off in the future with endless possibilities.


Development in Park View City Islamabad


The development process is progressing at a rapid rate as the ground-leveling procedure continues. The development work within blocks A and A is nearing being done and the remaining of the work is expected to be completed within a few months.


A portion of the area is being constructed prior to the timeline planned and there is a treatment facility is currently being built within the region. The main entrance point and wall that marks the boundary is being built and is in the process of being finished. Pipelines for gas and water are being constructed to help prisoners. The green zones have been constructed as an integral part of the development process so that this land remains as it is.


The 200 feet. width main road which passes throughout the Park is nearing to the end of construction and will be eventually completed all of the area inside Park View City accessible from the main gate. Access roads are being constructed to ensure Park View City is connected with multiple ways to other locations of Islamabad.


Balloting for Plots in Park View City Islamabad


The election process in different zones in Park View City is continuing each day. The first round of elections, they took on March, 2019 The following sessions will continue until the final parcel is cleared. Anyone who has successfully finished the process of paying off due loans can be eligible to vote.


Many names from different areas participated in the first phase of the voting. Owners were issued plot number according to the dimensions of the block as well as its dimensions. was. Additionally, the procedure for a vote about the potential expansion of blocks is currently being carried out.


The voting process is done through an automated system to make sure there's no confusion regarding the procedure of voting. Once a plot has been given to a specific person. They will receive the entire document along with all the information within one week.




Park View City is an amazing development that can simplify purchasing commercial and residential properties within Islamabad. This is a great opportunity for investors who want to buy the land in Islamabad. The gorgeous amenities and the appealing views make it the most profitable investment choice.


banks such as Bank Alfalah and Silk Bank provide financing options for helping in the purchase of a property within Park View City, so anyone interested can profit from the loans. It's an excellent opportunity you should not miss.


Park View City - Total Land and Area


7.700 sq. Kanal. The property is expected to comprise a variety of buildings, including residential and commercial blocks blocks parks and blocks, and others, which are designed to boost health and entertainment as well as many more.


As the project is situated in the highly sought-after area of Islamabad the aesthetics of the area are unmatched. Furthermore, due to its proximity to the Bahria Enclave this adds to the worth of the plots which comprise the plan. The scenery of the land that is being constructed in this project, as well as the roads connecting to it are spectacular. The development projects to come will increase the beauty of the area.


Botanical Gardens located in Islamabad is located near Park View, and its gate 2 that acts as the main entrance point allows easy access to the stunning area. The principal entry point into the gardens is Rawal Chowk, which is vital to be in the right place.


The region is completely free of noise and pollution and is the most accommodating living conditions. If you're seeking peace and tranquility, then you must consider this as a ideal home. A 200-foot. long and wide road connects it with the remainder of Islamabad. CDA has approved for the road, and work is currently underway to construct it in the timeline which was determined by CDA.