Qua tang chia tay sep ma vang cao cấp

When your boss changes job or is about to retire, you want to buy a gift for your male boss at the time of parting to show your affection, respect and gratitude to your boss for guiding you for so many years, but you don't know yet. What to choose? Should you choose everyday items su

Gold-plated carp turning into a dragon
Everyone has heard of the story of a carp turning into a dragon. The carp turning into a dragon symbolizes the will to endure, overcoming all difficulties and challenges. The ultimate gift for your boss, a gold-plated carp turning into a dragon can also bring luck and success on the boss's future career path. 


album Company photo album will be a very meaningful gift for your boss on the occasion of a job transfer. It will be a souvenir to help the boss remember the employees who have worked with him in the past. A photo frame with full members of the company will be a meaningful gift that you get.

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 Yellow brooch [/ caption]
Up to now, books have been considered as a treasure trove of world knowledge. Giving books is a valuable gift of knowledge as well as expressing your love for the recipient.

Feng shui Golden Horse Statue
The horse is a familiar animal to Vietnamese people. In the past, the image of a horse returning with news symbolized peace and victory. Currently, in Feng Shui, the image of a horse symbolizes luck and success.


Gold-plated tie clip


Giving wine as a farewell gift to the boss is a method that many people apply. Because wine, expensive foreign wine symbolizes success and achievement. Rather, this gift will send good wishes to the boss's future career path.

Plug in feng shui gold-plated pen


Phuc Tuong Gold has launched many luxurious and elegant gold-plated pen buttons, suitable as gifts for bosses. You can choose to plug in a golden boat model or a golden horse statue. A product that has two uses, not only to prevent the pen from falling, but also to serve as a decoration on the table. Buying a farewell gift for a boss who moves on a job should not ignore this unique gold-plated pen plug.

shoes Leather shoes are also a great suggestion for you when you do not know what gift to choose for your boss to transfer. A beautiful, classy and exceptionally comfortable pair of leather shoes will make your boss want to wear them on his future career path.

Gold-plated honeysuckle


Honeysuckle is a gift that represents luck, prosperity and wealth. Therefore, honeysuckle can be chosen as a very meaningful farewell gift to the boss. If your boss doesn't have time to take care of real plants, you can buy a pot of gilded honeysuckle. They have a feng shui effect and can bring good luck to business people.

Model of gilded sailboat
For a long time, gilded sailboat model has become a familiar gift of feng shui players. It is because of the good meanings of the gift that many customers have chosen the gilded sailboat model to give their boss a farewell gift. At Phuc Tuong Gold, every year we launch new models of sailboats with fancy designs to suit the tastes of the market.


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