Qua tet tang sep ma vang sang trong

Tet gifts need to come from the sincerity and affection of the giver, so pay attention to how to give them both to show respect and make your boss feel sincere and delicate. For example, you should not choose too formal and expensive items that can make the gift-giving situation awkward an

15 Tet gifts for the boss are chosen by many customers.
Gold-plated tiger statue - Tet gift for boss in the year of the Tiger

Spring of the Tiger year 2022 is the year of the tiger mascot, so the gold-plated tiger statue is chosen by many people as a gift. It is given to signify good wishes and good luck for the new year. The gold-plated feng shui tiger statue is beautifully designed, based on the feng shui meaning of the tiger mascot. Therefore, the gold-plated Tiger statue with many different shapes and positions is a luxurious, unique and meaningful Tet gift for your boss on this Tet holiday.


Gold-plated Phuc word painting


Gold-plated Loc word painting


 Painting of the word "Tho" gilded


Gold plated lotus pot


The image of the lotus flower appears close to the Vietnamese people and is a flower that brings good luck to the owner. When the image of lotus is displayed in the home, office and other spaces, the space will become warm, peaceful and gentle. After a tiring working period, the boss's depression will also decrease. reduce.

Nowadays, the gift of wine during the holidays has become very popular, wine is a delicate gift that nature bestows with many meanings. According to the Vietnamese concept, the red color of wine symbolizes success, fortune and good things.

Painting of feng shui sailboat gilded
Handcrafted from precious metal material and gold plated on the entire surface. The painting of a feng shui sailboat is a meaningful Tet gift for the boss designed specifically by Phuc Tuong Gold for this year's New Year. The image of feng shui sailboats has long been associated with business people in the marketplace, hanging this picture of a gilded sailboat in the living room or office will help make business more and more convenient.


Health gifts
Ginseng, bird's nest, Ganoderma lucidum, abalone, fish fins ... are high-class foods, containing many healthy nutrients, and are valued more when making Tet gifts for your boss. So, in the upcoming Tet holiday, you can choose health gifts to give your boss. Besides, please send the best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to your boss.

Successful unique horse paintings
Many people often choose the image of a horse to decorate in their home or workplace, because according to the traditional concept, horses are loyal, patient, persistent, agile, often bring luck and wealth. Giving a successful unique picture to your boss will be the best and most meaningful wishes


Decorative bonsai
During the Tet holidays, decorating the interior space with bonsai has become a very familiar thing to both bring fortune into the house and beautify and beautify the interior space in the first days of the new year. . Well-groomed, well-maintained bonsai, apricot, and peach trees are an extremely attractive gift for your boss.

The set of tea and wine
glasses is a very elegant and luxurious Tet gift for the boss, suitable for decoration on the table or used to make tea for guests on the occasion of the New Year. These products have extremely diverse designs, delicate and beautiful designs and decorations, which will definitely help strengthen the relationship with the boss.

Luxury gold-plated accessories
A unique accessory will conquer the boss's eyes. However, you need to find out if your boss likes to use accessories or not before buying them as gifts.


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