Top 5 programming languages

In this topic we discuss about that which top 5 programming languages

There are many programming languages that are used and every language has a specific purpose. Today in this article we will discuss the top 5 programming languages that are high in demand and for purpose they are used. Also, we will discuss what is the yearly salary of a programmer of that particular language?

Top 7 programming languages

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The languages described below are the most used and known programming languages of modern years.

1) JavaScript: JavaScript tops the chart because it is a high-level programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. JavaScript is used as a client-side programming language by 98% of all websites. It was created in 1995 and was initially named LiveScript.

2) Python: Python is one of the most popular programming languages today. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is easy to learn because of its readability. So if you are a beginner then python is best to start with. It is a free, open-source programming language with extensive support modules

3) GO: GO was developed by Google in 2007 for API’s and web applications. Due to its simplicity, GO has become one of the fastest-growing languages. The ability of GO to handle multicore and networked systems and massive codebases has made GO one of the most popular languages. GO is also known as GOLANG and it was created to meet the needs of programmers working on large projects. GO has gained popularity among the big giants of tech companies.

4) Java: Java is the most popular languages used by programmers today. Java is owned by Oracle Corporation. It is a general-purpose programming language with its object oriented structure which has become a standard for applications that can be used regardless of the platform (MAC, windows, ios, android, etc.) because of its write once and run anywhere feature.

5) Kotlin:Kotlin is a general purpose programing language originally developed in 2011. The first version of Kotlin was officially released in 2016. It is interoperable with java and supports functional programming language. Kotlin is extensively used for the development of android applications, web applications, desktop applications, and server side applications.

6) PHP: Numerous web DEVELOPERS will find it essential to learn PHP, as this language is used to make further than 80 of websites on the Internet, including those like Facebook and Yahoo. Still, PHP is the one of the popular programming languages in 2022.

Programmers substantially use PHP substantially to write garcon- side scripts. But inventors can also use this language to write command-line scripts, and programmers with high- position PHP rendering chops can also use it to develop desktop operations. PHP is considered a fairly easy language to learn for beginning inventors. PHP professionals have a number of devoted online communities, making it easy to get support and answers to questions.

7) C#:It's one of the most habituated programming languages for the. NET frame. Anders Hejlsberg, the creator ofC#, says the language is more like C than Java. It's stylish suited for operations on Windows, Android, and iOS, as it takes the help of the integrated development terrain product, Microsoft Visual C.C# is used on the aft end of several popular websites like Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and MarketWatch.C# inventors earn around$ per time.