Urgent Care Centers Or Hospital Care - Which Is Right For Me?

West Point Medical Center is offering Telemedicine and Drive up COVID 19 Testing at all of our urgent care loctaions.

It's one of today's hospital's dirty little secrets. Many people can die or become disabled as a result of staff infections. Every day individuals who go to hospitals all around the world for modest procedures get infected with them. Hospitals try their utmost to keep them under control, but they will never be totally eradicated.


The Risk of Infection - Another concerning truth regarding staff illnesses is that they are growing increasingly resistant to antibiotic therapy over time. This means that everybody at a hospital with an open wound today is in danger of developing a fast-moving infection that can't be prevented.


Flesh-Eating Bacteria - Of all the bacteria, what is generally known as "flesh-eating bacteria" is arguably the most feared. It travels so swiftly once contracted that a hole the size of orange may be chewed into a person's body in less than a day.


One New Option - A growing number of people in need of minor emergency treatment are seeking care at local urgent care clinics in their neighborhood to avoid interaction with these new kinds of staff infections. So, what makes this local clinic stand out in terms of staff infection rates?


Much less Risky - It's quite simple. They are far smaller and do not detain patients overnight. In a nutshell, this means that the odds of finding someone afflicted with one of these transmissible kinds of infection at one of the nearby clinics are nil.


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