Use black knives or obsidian throwing rings

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The reason they lured me was that I was wearing Full Zammy so they knew I was wealthy and the result would be favorable to them. There are a few suggestions Do you offer them an amount of cash to prove to them that you're real and you'll receive an acceptable amount of RS gold money if you stick to your word.

Check to see if the person is equipped with good weapons and armor, you don't want all this work to go unnoticed. Find two of your top friends involved in this endeavor. ensure that they get the victim to switch on the leader first in order to be skulled.

RUN into the wildy, to ensure they don't have the energy to run out. You must ensure that the victim is naive, or "nooby" in the way they appear. The people who dealt with me were foolish as I could tell the scam. I don't consider luring to be morally or ethical, but it is a matter of skill and people skills to convince a person to give you the money they have.

Use black knives or obsidian throwing rings. Obsidian throwings are marginally slower than knives however they are the same characteristics as the magic short bow with rune archers. The throwing rings are more costly than black knives. Similar statistics, but slower and higher price? Wow, Looks like the winner!

It's not as good that knives have, but the mage bow and rs2007 gold rune arrows are pretty good. Iron knives can be used, they are cheaper than bronze knives, but have more stats. Yesterday I used the black knife (p) They are less expensive than irons and have higher stats.


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