Best Ab Roller Wheel - Buyer's Guide

Here are some tips on buying the right ab roller wheel for you.

One of the more recent innovations in the fitness world is the best ab roller wheel. This simple and easy to use device has quickly become a must have addition to all gyms and health clubs. The core reason for this is that it provides you with an effective form of resistance workout. Unlike traditional exercise bikes or treadmills which give a more or less constant intensity, the stability ball offers an infinite level of resistance and hence a very effective workout. It also provides for the most effective range of motion during the workout, which is key to overall muscle strength.

This may seem a simple feature but the best ab roller wheel has a lot going for it. For one thing, the handles of the machine can be placed at different levels depending on your level of comfort. For example, when you are starting out you do not want to start off with the handles so low that you are constantly bending down. Instead you should start with the handles closer to your chest so that you can still be able to maintain good body posture while using the machine. Once you develop a good body posture, you will not need to increase the handles further.

Another important feature of the best ab roller wheel is the added stability that comes from the ball-and-ramble system. If you think about it, even walking around on a flat surface may sometimes cause you to take a stumble or fall due to your weakened knees. The rope system that the machines come with provides you with the same level of support even without the ball and rambles. This means that as long as you remember to use your stabilizer muscles to balance the machine, you will not end up causing yourself any injury.

To really work the core muscles, you will need to add other exercises into your routine such as pull-ups. The best ab roller wheel machine will also come with a side leg raise as well. A side leg raise requires you to use your core muscles to raise your upper body to a standing position while at the same time pushing your lower body outwards towards the floor. The exercise works your back, hamstrings, buttocks and abdominals. It will also help develop your core muscles if you are willing to dedicate one day per week to doing this exercise.

A few workouts to complement the best ab roller wheel workout include squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. Most people are familiar with these three workouts since they have been incorporated into many body building programs. However, in addition to the regular work-out of the abs, these core exercises will also help develop your abdominal muscles if you are willing to dedicate another two to three days per week for them. The squats and pull-ups work your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves to the deadlifts and pull-ups work your biceps, triceps and forearms.

Since this particular ab roller wheel is made by a durable and reputable manufacturer company, it should last for a long time. This is an investment unlike most of the other ones that only last for a couple of months. To ensure that it last a long time, the manufacturer company offers lifetime warranties. So, you know you are investing in something durable.