X-ray Inspection Systems Market Size, Share, Growth and Forecast to 2027 | Impact of COVID-19

Market Research Future published a research report on “X-ray Inspection Systems Market Report- Forecast to 2023” – Market Analysis, Scope, Stake, Progress, Trends and Forecast to 2023.

Market Overview:

X-ray inspection is used to detect corrosion using real-time imaging system. This method utilizes the principle of radiography. A laser beam of gadolinium is used as source and is made projected in a beam. The source and detector are at the respective ends fixed at a certain distance. The leftover energy is collected at detector end and the image of the testifying image is collected. The software helps in converting the contrast of the image by revealing density variations of defects such as corrosion and other blockages.

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By dimension, the X-ray Inspection Systems Technology were classified into 2D and 3D.  2D systems provide a non-destructive method for identifying the defects in an object. In recent times, increased use of packages like Ball Grid Array (BGA), Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) makes the 2D technique ineffective. 3D computerized Tomography is an imaging method which is on the rise. It uses the mathematical geometric process to create a 3D virtual model of an object. In this process, it absorbs large series of 2D X-ray images and rotated through 360 degrees in the X-ray beam. The 3D Computerized Tomography technique gives virtual slicing or cross-sectioning through the devices revealing the exact location of the voids.

The increasing security concerns among various organizations such as food and pharmaceuticals, aerospace are driving the global X-ray Inspection Systems Market. Digital X-ray imaging is on the verge, which is more efficient in producing sharper images with low cost. The increasing demand for compressed size products is driving the X-Ray Inspections Systems Market. These requirements can be met through X-ray sources, which provides minute defects and helps in achieving the desired output. Nanotubes are the result of demand in miniature sized products, which are developed through X-ray inspection techniques.

Key Players

Some of the major players in the market of the global X-ray Inspection Systems Technology are North Star Imaging, Inc. (U.S.), Nikon Metrology NV (Belgium), Nordson DAGE (UK), YXLON International GmbH (Germany), VJ Group, Inc. (U.S.), 3DX-RAY Ltd. (UK), VisiConsult X-ray Systems Solutions GmbH (Germany), Smiths Detection, Inc. (UK), Mettler-Toledo International Inc. (Switzerland), and General Electric Co. (U.S.) among others.


The global X-ray Inspection Systems Technology market is segmented on the basis of imaging technique, dimension, vertical and region. On the basis of the imaging technique, the segment is further classified into film based imaging and digital imaging. The digital imaging can be sub-segmented into digital radiography, computed tomography. Digital radiography comprises of direct digital type and computed type. On the basis of the dimension, the segment is further classified into 2D and 3D. X-ray Inspection Systems Technology can be used in various verticals such as aerospace, automotive, power and infrastructure, government, manufacturing and many more.

Key Findings:

  • HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH, the key market player in X-ray Inspection Systems Technology, developed new pulsed X-ray technology, which provides maximum detection capability in a limited space
  • Peco InspX Corporation, a major market player in advanced detection solutions launched new solution for effective detection of vent tube fragments


Regional Analysis:

Geographically North America holds the major share of the global X-ray Inspection Systems Technology market. The growth is driven by adoption of inspection systems across manufacturing industry and rising security concerns among aviation sector. Strict food safety regulations and demand for high-quality food products are driving the market for X-ray Inspection Systems Technology in Europe. The Asia Pacific is anticipated to show a high growth rate during the forecast period. Increasing investments in the electronics industry are the major fuelling factor in the region.

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