The Best Electric Power Wheelchairs

A wheelchair that is electric, often referred to as a power wheelchair, offers the benefit of mobility to those who are restricted to their homes because of illness, stroke or other injury. "I have one in my garage right now for zooming around the yard and doing yard work," say

A wheelchair that is electric, often referred to as a power wheelchair, offers the benefit of mobility to those who are restricted to their homes because of illness, stroke or other injury. "I have one in my garage right now for zooming around the yard and doing yard work," says Bill Fertig, the Virginia Beach-based director of the United Spinal Association Resource Center. The devices typically have up to six wheels that aid in stability, they are powered by batteries that typically last for about 10 miles before they need to be recharged.

To select to select the Best electronic wheelchairs for older adults The Forbes Health editorial team analyzed information on more than 50 products from the top brands, and rated their price and weight capacity. travel distance, top speed of travel and portability. Find out which Electric wheelchairs for sale are on our list. Be aware that prices are current at the time of publication.

What Is an Electric Wheelchair?

The Portable electric wheelchair, also known as motorized or powered electric wheelchair near me - is an eight- or six-wheel chair that has a motor that operates on two or one batteries. The wheelchairs can be operated with the joystick and do not require muscles in the upper part of your body. Electric wheelchairs powered by electricity vary from basic, standard wheelchairs that are suitable for short-term use, to highly customized models for longer-term and more intricate needs.

Cory Lee, 31, from Georgia is in wheelchairs since four years old. He's also a frequent traveler--he's hot ballooned in Israel and floated on the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and was able to encounter an hippopotamus in South African--and is an expert at traveling in wheelchair. Through the years, Lee is a frequent user of kinds and sizes of wheelchairs, and is aware of choosing the right wheelchair.

The most affordable electric wheelchairs like those that Lee uses Lee are part of a class known as complex rehabilitation technology also known as CRT. "These wheelchairs are measured and built specifically to meet each individual's unique needs," says Angie Kiger, a clinical education and strategy manager for Sunrise Medical, a California-based manufacturer of wheelchairs. The technology offers multiple positioning options, sophisticated electronics and controls, as well as adjustments for orthopedic problems and adjustments for ventilators.

What is a Power Wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs (also known as power chairs) provide exceptional mobility in small spaces and tight corners, which makes them the best choice for moving both inside and out of your home. Power wheelchairs also allow users to pull up to counters, tables and other work surfaces in order to complete everyday tasks and remain at home. Power wheelchairs are recommended by doctors for those who require 24/7 mobility to perform daily tasks in their homes, and can be rented or purchase for those who could benefit from the increased mobility and freedom that the power wheel chair offers.

Electric Wheelchair Basics

If you're searching for the top electric wheelchair price there are certain terms that are frequently used on the websites of dealers. We've outlined a few of the most fundamental terms below to make shopping simpler.

Front-, Mid-, Rear-Wheel Drive


All Medicare electric wheelchairs have either four or six wheels however, only two wheels of the chair get power straight from the motor. The remaining wheel ("casters") help to stabilize the chair. Mid-wheel drive is the best choice for turning completely in tight spaces, whereas front and rear wheel drive wheelchairs are able to offer the most comfortable rides and can handle the terrain outdoors best. It is recommended to speak with an occupational therapist in order to decide the type of wheel drive that is the best choice for your everyday use.

Turning Radius

The radius of the turning is the smallest turn the electric wheelchair that is near me can make. The less the radius the better the chair is suitable for indoor or smaller areas. A turning radius of 20" and about 35" is typical. Larger chairs can have huge turning radiuses. However, other aspects like the angle of the footrest as well as the drive of the wheel also impact the radius of turning.

Travel Range

The range of an electric wheelchairis often called "range" - is the distance it is able to travel before the batteries have to be recharged. The range varies between 4 and 5 miles for some chairs , to as much as 20 miles in other chairs. The range may be less than stated if the user is particularly heavy, the terrain isn't smooth, and the battery becoming old. Finding an electric wheelchair that has an impressive range is crucial for those planning to travel regularly or take their electric wheelchair outdoors for solo trips to the shop or other locations.

Warranty Limits

Portable electric wheelchair typically have "limited" warranties and not every day wear and tear is protected by their manufacturer. The majority of warranties cover structural parts like the frame made of metal that the wheelchair is covered for five to ten years, and will typically cover other components for shorter durations of time as specified in the warranty contract. In the table of overview and profiles, the number that is next to the word"limited" (for instance, "5 year limited") is the most extensive coverage of the warranty, which is typically for the frame.

How to Choose a Power Wheelchair Store

If you're looking for a wheelchair shop near me or an online shop there are certain things you should study prior to doing business with any store. The cost of purchasing a power wheelchair could easily go over $1,000.00and you'll need to take every step to ensure that you're going to work with a business that offers excellent customer service, low prices on new models, and also the knowledge to guide you in finding the best electric wheelchair for your needs.

Here are three main things you should consider before purchasing a power chair:

Online Reviews - Crowdsourcing information is the most effective way to determine the quality of service provided to previous customers. There is no way for a business to operate perfectly without a glitch, and whenever something goes wrong, you must make sure that the business is there for you and will do whatever is required to make sure you end with a satisfied customer. Currently, has a 4.7/5.0 which is a very strong rating. Any company with less than an 4.0 rating could be thought of as average. Any company with less than 3.0 ratings could be considered poor. 3.0 rating could be classified as poor.

Pricing - One of the most important factors is the price. Why would you want to pay more for the identical product? Local retailers are often forced to increase prices due to the fact that they have overhead and rent to pay for. The cost of overhead can be in the hundreds of dollars per month for brick and mortar company, so this should be considered when determining their prices. At, we're an online store so able to offer you these products at the lowest price the manufacturers will allow us to sell them for. This is called MAP pricing.

Expertise of products Portable electric wheelchair - All of our sales personnel are certified in electronics and are able to physically fix mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. A lot of our sales personnel are interested in aviation as well as the flying electronic drones. Their enthusiasm for electronics translate into an incredible knowledge of products that is unique to the market. One reason why our reviews are so excellent is because our sales team is so knowledgeable that our customers receive an item that not only fulfills their requirements, but even surpass their expectations.

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