Madden is doing lots of quick pass passes as a result

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"We've definitely become a lot closer then when she first came. She was a little shy initially but now I and her joke around. We've become friends playing on court Madden nfl 22 coins." Madden said. "My sophomore year, we didn't really have a (knockdown) shooter and the only method they used to stop us was to play me up in the post. This is how we lost in semi-state. The presence of Maci out there helps immensely."

"It gives us an inside-out punch," Bales said. "Her ability to pass is amazing ... she's aware of the floor with such clarity and she's incredibly selfless." It's a matter of putting her entire body in danger in order to assist the team. She's hard-working, takes charge and slams loose balls she competes for rebound opportunities and plays hard defense and often leaves her with the "daily" dose of bruises and bumps in the words of Bales.

Madden stated that she's a useful asset to have by Blue River's side . However, she acknowledged that it's hard to work against Loveless. Still, she makes the team more stout and this, along with her expertise should assist the Vikings remain successful in the postseason.

"Her enthusiasm is what we need. Everyone is a part of her, and what you do with her, helps us all along," Bales said. "Last year she was on the bench. She was playing about half the game. She was the exact type of player buy mut coins, however she wasn't as well-organized ... it's been a while since she has become more (in controlled) and isn't flipping it around."