In what is likely to be regarded as his final year as an active Madden player

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Brady's 99 total seasons were past him, in Madden 22 coins the end, but he still a dominant player on gridirons, both real and virtual. The final season he played with the Patriots began in the opening week of the playoffs , when an assortment of former Patriots that were then playing for the Titans played him down in Foxboro and it appeared like the Pats-Brady alliance was finally at its end.

However, Brady was not finished with the game even though their home away from home begging for him to leave. With just 24 touchdowns that year, Brady's pedestrian figures were the reason for his drop in ratings in Madden, but we'd come to discover that all Brady was missing was a roster with a few more talented players on it.

Then, suddenly sporting the jersey that belonged to the Tampa (Tompa?) Bay Buccaneers, Brady looked like a freshwater fish in the sea in Florida But not for long. Going from one great coach to another definitely helped and the rogue Patriots receivers from his final year in New England were suddenly swapped to stars such as Mike Evans and Chris Godwin--and, oh yeah, Gronk returned from retirement to be with him as well.

In all, Brady's new group of players helped him secure the record-breaking 10-year Super Bowl appearance, and it came in a game in which the Bucs would wipe the floor with the once-thought insurmountable Chiefs. Brady isn't yet retired, though it's possible to expect an additional delay to that "gradual decline" we'd been hearing about for over a decade.

In what is likely to be regarded as his final year as an active Madden player, barring any Favre-like remorse--Brady was the first player on the scene in Madden 22, a overall 97. He also graced again on the front cover, joining Patrick Mahomes, who was doing the same. He once again led the league in touchdowns along with yards, completions, and at first, attempts. He threw the ball more than 700 times and was successful to 68% of his passes, showing no indications of the aging process that has, to this point, spared no one else in football, and least of buy Mut 22 coins all someone with the wear and tear that Brady has.


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