Games for 8 months old babies

We offer you beautiful games suitable for 8-month-old babies. The child is projected towards the playful dimension which is the one in which the person

We offer you beautiful games suitable for 8-month-old babies. The child is projected towards the playful dimension which is the one in which the person "trains" to life, engaging all his intellectual abilities and measuring himself with his abilities, which are refined through play.

You have to make a decision about the best toys for your child as your child does not know how many days old am i today. Therefore, we recommend toys such as cubes, constructions to stimulate the imagination and manual skills, sturdy booklets, and musical toys. 

Here are the best 8-month-old baby games chosen for you.

1. Double Bubble - Double Track Game

This toy is made of wood, a very solid material: the iron rods where the balls slide are very resistant. The base is made of wood with rounded edges for added security. In addition, under the base, there are 4 suction cups useful for placing the toy on a table or on the high chair.

2. Remote control of the doggie

It is an educational toy: by pressing the buttons children to practice manual skills while having fun and learn to be in control with their learning remote control. Lights, fun music, vivid phrases, and colors help reinforce basic senses, such as sight and hearing, the realistic shape and the light-up screen encourage early role-playing games.

3. My First Farm Book

A talking electronic educational book for learning in the company of farm animals. By turning the pages and pressing the luminous button on the roof of the farm, the child will be able to learn about the animals and their sounds, discover the first letters, numbers and shapes. The luminous button also teaches to distinguish the difference between "on" and "off" ". It stimulates the development of language, the understanding of the cause-effect relationship, manual skills and visual-auditory perception.

4. BeebeeRun - Cloth books for babies

These fabric books are educational and super soft: the set consists of 6 sets of colorful books which include: Vehicle, Shape, Food, Fruit, Nature, and Animal. A variety of "touch-and-feel" sounds and textures will keep your child entertained. It is safe and machine washable. Easy to attach to strollers, cots, and baby carriers.

5. Mom and puppies on the farm

A tender play set designed for the little ones, set in the world of the farm and characterized by the sweet cuddles between mothers and puppies. With 3 pairs of mothers with puppies from the farm, 6 soft bricks, and an illustrated booklet, to invent endless tender stories on the farm.

6. Controller Laugh and Learn

The controller is a game to learn by playing. It has 2 music settings: pressing the ABCD buttons and the number pad, or moving the joystick, activates the contents. It has a bright multicolored face. Moving the click-clack disc and pulling the lever on top of the toy stimulates complex motor skills even more.

7. Piece cubes

Very soft cubes, perfect even for the little ones who do not risk getting hurt. They are made of foam rubber and covered with fabric. Each face features a different design with various animals and objects and each cube has a rattle. They are delivered in a convenient bag in which to store them. 


8. Musical piano

Tactile piano stimulates creativity and musical sense from an early age. It is made of wood and has two game modes: composer or conductor.

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