Win Your Child Custody Battle With These Simple Steps

Orange County Child Custody Attorney | Eric. M Nakasu

The key to getting custody of your child is knowing what the payoff is. Remember that you are fighting for your child, not for office. This is without a doubt the most difficult thing you'll ever face. When it comes to situations like this, emotions run high.


When you keep in mind that your child is the prize and nothing else, you will be better prepared to win child custody proceedings. This is why you will do some unsettling things. Some will be simpler than others, but the entire procedure will most certainly make you sick.


The first vital step is to gather as much info as possible about your ex. Your children will not be present in court, so you don't need to play nice anymore. Enter the courtroom and tell the judge all you can show. Obtain copies of any photographs, hospital records, police reports, or any judgments that make your ex appear terrible. This is how you win a custody dispute.


Be truthful in your representation of yourself. Your ex will be digging up dirt on you just as hard. You should have character witnesses to back up your appropriateness as a parent. Have your friends describe conversations in which you prioritize your child. Remember to be severe on the character witnesses for the opposing party as well.


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