How to describe yourself briefly in a job application

A huge percent of your success on any interview depends on how you describe yourself. This article will help you do it right

When completing a job application, candidates have to communicate their qualifications within a limited framework effectively. Hiring managers screen applications to eliminate unsuitable candidates and narrow the field. In many cases, the quality of candidates' job applications can determine whether or not they are hired. Successful applicants are careful to describe themselves in succinct detail while highlighting the reasons that make them suitable for the job.

A brief yet proper description of your past experience, skills, and characteristics is the key to your success at any interview. No matter which position you are trying to get, the recruiter needs to know you better before letting you in. If you want to make sure you get that position, even if you are trying to apply for a designer or even essay writer free lance, read on and follow these steps.

Step 1
Explain your formal education. List the institutions you have attended and note any degrees or diplomas earned. Find out which educational credentials will be most important to the employer and put those first. For example, if you have an associate's degree in paralegal studies, it would be appropriate to mention this first when applying for a paralegal job in a legal office. Similarly, a person with a bachelor's degree in communications should list this credential when applying for a job in customer service.

Step 2
Report your experience in previous jobs. Focus on jobs that relate in some way to the position for which you are applying. Provide specific details when possible to show your competence in previous employment positions. Quantify your accomplishments and contributions. Give the hiring manager performance numbers and clear descriptions of workplace tasks and accomplishments to help demonstrate your value as a potential employee.

Step 3
Highlight any relevant skills you have. Describe any special skills that make you a good fit for the job in question. List things like bilingual fluency, typing proficiency, database skills, sales strategies, public speaking experience, knowledge of computer programming software, or anything that applies and shows your strengths and how they relate to the position.

Step 4
Describe any other intangible qualities or characteristics that highlight you as an ideal choice for the employer in the closing. Avoid using empty words and vague phrases such as "careerist" or "hard worker", as CareerBuilder points out, as these types of descriptions are overused by applicants and often ignored by hiring managers. Instead, describe your positive personality traits and how they relate to the job. For example, applicants for sales and customer service positions would do well to express their outgoing nature and team player attitude. Finish with a brief description of your goals and what you hope to achieve if hired.

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