Gun Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread

Gun Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread

Gun Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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One piece carbon fiber rod

Advanced quality for better cleaning

Ergonomic handle

Premium double ball bearings

8 inch rod for 22 caliber pistols

This HAS to be the best thing I bought out of all the gun cleaning tools I have....You ever try to use the stock Glock nylon brush on your 9mm?...ya know how it can't get through the barrel? Not with this rod. It pushed right through.....made using patches a breeze, way easier then even the rod that came with the Hoppes #9 kit. As you push a brush through it actually rotates following the rifling...BUY will thank me (and you can)....

This is one very high-quality piece of equipment. Smooth bearings, rigid strong rod, and very comfortable handle. The bearings allow the rod it turns of the brush can follow the contours of the rifling. There are times when you want a rotating rod and times that you want a straight one. This is one of the rotating kind and it works fantastic.

So far all the oils and lubricants clean easily off the rod and don’t leave any blemishes or marks. And this one is long enough to clean any handguns or carbines you might have. When you add the length of the brush to the total length of the rod and you could even clean a rifle in a pinch if you went through the barrel both sides.

I get the impression that this will be sort of a family heirloom kind of thing that one day I will pass to my children.

It simply is his quality. It’s a shame that some of the other Hoppes products don’t seem to keep to the standard of quality.

Best cleaning rod on the market! The swivel handle is where it’s at! It allows the rod and attached cleaning brush of your choice to turn down the barrel with its rifling. This is the best way to clean a rifle without damaging the rifling. The old style rods only allowed the rod to swivel when pushed down the barrel, but when pulled back thru the barrel it wouldn’t swivel.

I clean 3 rifles 3 times a week and this rod has saved me a ton of time and is a real wrist saver. Handle is well made and comfortably fits the hand. Rod is strong and sturdy, yet flexible. Tip is incorporated well into the rod and everything about the product is quality.

This is the best cleaning rod I’ve ever used and probably the last one I’ll ever need! I recommend this product 100%. Worth every penny!

Nice handgun rod. Comfortable in hand. Has a little weight to it, enough to make it steady. Spins easily. Well designed and made. When you think about how much you've got invested in the gun, or guns, it is well worth the cost of this rod to protect your bore and crown with this carbon fiber and brass rod. Wish they made a 4-inch version. Now, I want the rifle version!

Muy resistente, perfecto para la limpieza de armas cortas.

Nothing much to say other than it’s just amazing!

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