NBA 2K22 is out within the last couple of weeks

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For an "official" solution what 2K has to NBA 2K22 MT offer is restarting the game, and/or or clear your cache. This is definitely worth a shot in the event that everything other options fail. However, it's still an enormous annoyance, just one of the many issues that players have dealt with up to now.

Of obviously, the only genuine The Drama Trade Rumors bug fix in NBA 2K22 can come from the creators. It appears that, based on the automated response some players have received, 2K and Visual Concepts are aware of the issue and are presumably looking for an answer.

We can only be hopeful that this glitch is going to be eliminated permanently soon. While you wait you can check out other guides on NBA 2K22, several of which address additional glitches and issues. To mention a few that we've written, we've included articles like Elevator Not Working Bug Fix - Unable to Connect to Server, Tattoos Not Appearing Bug Correction, and 6f8ce31b and 727e66ac Error Message Fix.

NBA 2K22 is out within the last couple of weeks, and with it has been a flurry of players wondering how to change their 2K22 affiliation. The affiliations can be extremely important to some players and with four affiliations, it's not difficult to get into a position you don't want to be. It is, however, straightforward and should take players no time at all to switch to a different one.

The first step is to decide which 2K22 affiliation they'd wish to belong to. Once you have made your decision, go to the town hall just in the direction of Buy NBA 2K Coins the affiliation you'd choose to belong to. Enter through the front posts and go up the stairs which will lead you to two security guards.


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