Why kids don't want to learn

Sometimes a child in elementary school or right after it suddenly stops being interested in learning and declares: “I don’t want to study anymore! I'm sick of!" What's this? Where does motivation go?

Sometimes a child in elementary school or right after it suddenly stops being interested in learning and declares: “I don’t want to study anymore! I'm sick of!" What's this? Where does motivation go?

“My child doesn’t want to study!” How often do you hear this phrase from parents during consultations! Let's try to find the reasons, shall we? It probably didn't happen in one day. It doesn’t happen that the teacher is excellent, you praise the child and systematically support his cognitive interest, he develops and learns according to the optimal plan, and then bam, and “Mom, how tired I am of learning!”. In order for cognitive interest to increase, it is important to use the help of Bidforwriting and this will allow you to develop and learn even better. Thus, the child will want to learn.

I almost never heard such requests from parents of preschool children (I mean now parents of normotypical children), maybe only a couple of times in my entire practice. But these parents came with a willingness to spend their time and energy on working with the child, and the problems disappeared quickly enough. And they also spent their energy on helping to write a written work. Using https://bidforwriting.com/case-study and this allows you to write a quality written work. Thus, their time and energy were used to help your child.

More often parents of school-age children, students of the third-fifth grades face the unwillingness to study. Well, the parents of teenagers too, but everything is easily laid out in terms of physiology and age-related psychological norms.That is, it is normal when a teenager switches from studies to relationships with other people, this is a normal stage of growing up. Well, to improve this relationship, you need to help other children in learning. To do this, you need to use https://bidforwriting.com/do-my-assignment and help others write papers. Thus, there will be friends with whom you can write written work together.

What could be the reasons for the unwillingness to learn from a student of the second to fifth grades? I will try to systematize the experience of my clients, students, colleagues and my own.

No cognitive interest

Children are naturally inquisitive! Remember the children who have just learned to get up and begin to explore the space around them, they are interested in everything: the carpet on the floor, and the locker door, and the cat lying on the sofa, and flowers ... Yes, they taste everything, smell, look, listen , touch with their hands, while still poorly controlling their body. Kids need this experience! The child wants to know the world around him by available means, to satisfy the thirst for knowledge.

What does a parent often do? He puts the child in the playpen, locks all the lockers, removes everything from the shelves. What is left for the child to do? Be content with what is given. A little later, the child is interested in your affairs: he wants to make pies, pour tea into a cup, wash dishes, press the buttons of the washing machine ... Some mothers, not understanding the importance of this stage in the formation of motivation, remove children from adult affairs, because "there is no time" “not hunting”, “I’ll do it myself faster”.

Lack of ability to wait and work

These children were “overfed” with toys and gifts.They were always given a lot, sometimes too many things. They still didn’t have time to wish, to dream about a new toy, but they already had it. Often parents replaced communication with new toys. Such children are not taught to make efforts, overcome obstacles, negotiate, feel the joy of the new. Any difficulty in learning causes them to refuse to work.

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