The player, who plays with McGill-Toolen

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Walsh who is a student at Link Academy in Branson, Mo. Walsh was named as a McDonald's All-American last month, together with Mut 22 coins Smith. They may be the very first two McDonald's All-Americans from the same school to be part of the Razorbacks since Todd Day and Lee Mayberry in 1988.

Arkansas Three other signees dropped down the rankings however, each remain within the Rivals150. Only Duke who is the top spot in the. one overall ranking, has had the most Rivals150 potential players (6) by 2022, compared to the Razorbacks five. (It's important to note that there are 16 players who aren't in the roster.)

Magnolia's Derrian Ford

was the most sluggish among Arkansas players, dropping 19 spots to finish at No. 77. But, he's an elite prospect.

While he fell four places in the rankings, he remained at No. 129, Morrilton's Joe Pinion

He has regained the fourth star he earned. Barry Dunning Jr.

The player, who plays with McGill-Toolen who plays for McGill-Toolen in Mobile, Ala., is still a three-star prospect . He is ranked the number. 134, down three places.

The rankings for 2022 will be updated once more following the McDonald's All-American Game, which is scheduled for the 29th of March in Chicago. If each one of them remains in the rankings, Arkansas will tie its record for the most Rivals150 signings in cheap Madden 22 coins one class, and will be able to match the class of 2011 that included five.


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