Adjustable Width Base Target Stand, Multi, One Size

Adjustable Width Base Target Stand, Multi, One Size

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Adjustable Width Target Stand Is Made From Heavy Duty Metal And Is Portable.

The Adjustable Target Stand features a versatile design allowing adjustment between 13" and 25" long.

Requires Two 1" X 2" Wood Stakes To Hang A Target From.

Requires (2) 1" x 2" wood stakes (not included)

Stand has two swing legs for more stability

Accommodates standard 23" x 35" targets

Highly portable and made with heavy duty steel for long use

Requires two 1" x 2" wood stakes not included for target use

Adjustable design from 13 inches to 25 inches wide

The wood you need will measure 1.5" x 3/4" x 5'-6'. I was hesitant to buy this because of a couple of the reviews that were complaining about the board size. Sure enough I had one that was exactly the right size in my wood scrap pile. As others have mentioned you insert the board from the bottom and it has some side pieces that will squeeze the board from both sides to hold it steady. It's a tight fit but that's what you want.

Lightweight and easily adjustable target stand. Love the spring tension for the wood post inserts. Holds firm. Adjusts width easily. I am very happy i bought this and not another brand. Set up at the range is fast and easy. 1x2” wood post fit very nicely, and they’re cheap!!!

Saw a reviewer ranting about the tension slot, you should disregard him. You’re a moron if you cannot figure out how to put 1x2” post in a 1x2” slot.

Update 12/23: I have bought 4 of these so far... can’t have enough of these for pistol practice!!!

Nice target holder for the money ! Noticed some complaints about the slots for wood insert were not big enough ! Simple physics here, the details say 1 x 2 inch wood slats optional ! The actual dimension of the slot is 1-1/2 " ! So find wood which is this width and put a slight 45 degree champher on the conrners---Perfect !

Ordered 2 these and received them in 3 days. Picked up a couple of 1X2s and they slot right in with tension on both sides. We got tired of having to pack wood up to the range and back each trip and these fit in the back of our jeep easily. Impressed with the build quality and the ability to adjust to different size targets easily. As these are the cheapest ones we could find that are adjustable we didnt expect much so paint us pleasantly surprised! Will get a couple more now that we have seen the build quality!

This works great and it's easy to move around. I keep this on our ranch and pull it out for target practice or sighting in the guns. It doesn't take up much space, but it's sturdy. you will have to add the wooden uprights, but I go to the hardware store and get an 8 foot length and cut it half. I staple flattened amazon boxes to the uprights and either draw, or stick, a target to the boxes. Amazon boxes are a nearly unlimited supply of backstops for targets around my house. It can easily blow over if you don't stake it down. I put a rock or 2 across the legs and it's just fine after that. Thin metal stakes would work fine, too, but then you have to keep with them.

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