I'm worried that if the bot nuke is released

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For instance, do you know the way that objects dropped "evaporate" within a couple of minutes? What happens to the cannon? I.e., if you place it in RS gold the right spot and let it continue to shoot and then it goes away within a short time? Or is a cannon follow special rules that it doesn't evaporate and will stay put until the person who owns it picks it up again?

If you are playing RS for more than an hour or two at one time, you might be sure that the server will crash and having to sign in to a completely different world. Are you able to lose your cannon if that happens? Are you able to get another at no cost from the mining camp located north of Fally?

Additionally, if you do die, does the cannon stay in the spot you placed it so it is possible to return and get it? Do you put it on your gravestone? Or do you lose it? The cannon will be replaced for free by that dwarf? In any case?

It's probably too difficult a question to answer but here's the thing, what number of cannonballs do I require to make 87-99 of Slayer? I know this is difficult to answer, so even an estimate to the nearest fifty or 25K could be fantastic. I'm trying to figure this out because I'd like to buy all my cannonballs ahead of time after I've reached the conclusion it will save me money in the long run.

Please don't take this as an attempt to manipulate prices. But it is my belief that the price of C balls may rise in the near future that could raise the cost of 99 slayers for me. If you look at long-term graphs, it appears that the C ball is currently at one of their lowest levels in a few months.

I'm worried that if the bot nuke is released (scheduled for July, but who is sure), prices could raise significantly. I am aware that one reason to the fall in c cost was the effigy nerf but I feel the return of bots reduced prices further. Perhaps I'm right, but I don't want to buy old school rs gold risk paying 300 , or even 400 dollars per cannonball.


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