The professional yacht publication, Yachting World, has chosen the Ecor Pro DryBoat 12 desiccant dehumidifier as the bes

In their article, 'Best Boat Dehumidifiers', Yacht World state that "dehumidifiers are a necessary financial investment to assist safeguard the interi

In their article, 'Best Boat Dehumidifiers', Yacht World state that "dehumidifiers are a necessary financial investment to assist safeguard the interior of a private yacht over the cold weather". The respected sailing publication has been releasing posts, news, and reviews given that 1894 and its authors are passionate about all aspects of cruising. In their review, they singled out the Ecor Pro DryBoat 12 desiccant dehumidifier as their number one option.

After comprehensive trials, they specify that the Ecor Pro DryBoat 12 "delivered remarkable results all summer season in difficult environments such as Spitsbergen and Norway", and that, "It is uncommon that we rank something this highly but the DryBoat 12 has shown to be an outstanding marine dehumidifier". Yacht World overview how the 12 litre capability, industrial grade building and wet air exhaust outlet set it apart from the competition.

Dehumidifiers are an essential financial investment to help safeguard the interior of a boat, yacht or ship over the winter months. They are also crucial for drying sails, ropes, devices, and clothes after they have been drenched in saltwater. Nevertheless, It is important to use a professional boat dehumidifier, that is created and constructed to carry out in challenging conditions, in low temperature levels, and is resistant to deterioration brought on by salt water. Most domestic and numerous business grade dehumidifiers are just not up to the task.

The Ecor Pro range of boat dehumidifiers has a series of functions and benefits that make them the ideal choice for keeping boats dry:

High Build Quality - Ecor Pro INOX DryBoat dehumidifiers are constructed from 316 marine grade stainless-steel - resistant to deterioration from seawater and other chemicals. The internal elements are heat dealt with for resilience and durability.
Compact Size - Ecor Pro DryBoat dehumidifiers can be installed in very small areas on board, and ducting can be used to draw air in from a variety of various spaces on board, consisting of cabin locations, engine spaces and holds & sail lockers.
Excellent Operating Temperature Level Variety - These desiccant dehumidifiers can working at extremely low temperatures - well below 0 degrees - from -20 to +40 . They can operate successfully in conditions where a standard refrigerant dehumidifier would not have the ability to perform.
No Internal Water Tank - Unlike conventional dehumidifiers, Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifiers do not have an internal water collection tank. They draw moist air in using a fan, and get rid of moisture from the air utilizing Zeolite dessicant. The wetness is tired as water vapour by means of ducting, which can be fed outside through a vent. This implies that these dehumidifiers can be delegated run 24/7 - as there is no requirement to continually clear a tank. It likewise indicates that there will be no issues with leaks and floods when the boat pitches or rolls.
220v & 110v Available - Ecor Pro DryBoat dehumidifiers are available in both 220v and 110v variations, and the 50Hz supply can be run off a 12v DC-220v a/c converter or 110v to 220v transformers.
Humidistat Control - Ecor Pro DH1200 and DH800 dehumidifiers have their own internal humidistat. They can also be utilized with a remote humidistat, offered as an optional accessory. A humidistat allows you to set a required humidity level in the area that you want to dry out, and it will change the DryBoat dehumidifier on and off automatically, as needed, in order to keep the desired humidity level. This adds extra benefit, as it indicates you do not need to continuously switch the dehumidifier on and off yourself. It also saves energy and cash!
Long Life Span - Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are expert tools, built to last. They are created to provide years of reputable service. They are extremely easy to preserve and service when needed. The easy to gain access to style keeps service expenses low, and maintenance has actually been made easy with typical duct sizes to give more alternatives.
You can see the full range of Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX boat dehumidifiers on our site. Ask with our sales group through online live chat or telephone for more information and recommendations.
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