2K needs to scale it back on create the skill

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Okay (as a meter player) something I see/get a great deal from no-meter NBA 2K21 MT players once I overcome them is that"meter gives you many whites" or"meter receives all of the algo" or even"having meter gives the best animations" etc. So IF that was true, why do people play with no meter? Like if you believe that, then no meter is a drawback so why would you play without it Secondly, I don't understand why despise or meter/no meter over whites are problems. 2K labs has shown that there is actually no"perfect timing" at 2K. That the"best" timing only greens such as 90% of their time and still misses like 3% of their time. They showed you can get greens a bit that was good on either side of the timing.

So when it comes down to this, even green can vary a lot in between games. With this having been said, I do believe that there ought to be a perfect timing window that's outside of that shouldn't green 100% green, but that isn't the 2K we have. I used to do some meter but couldn't tell the difference. I moved on just to know when a shot has been contested and it helps to understand if I am pulling too fast/slow on a particular player. But guys like rj Hampton for me are much more forgiving with a evaluation that is less than say a man like Booker or porzingas.

Make it timing based. Basically if you don't miss but also make greening. Make pictures that are close to greens so and a relatively high clip on. If you are timing your shots and they're open there is no reason why we should not make them a tiny RNG is nice because that is kinda how basketball and sports are they are arbitrary and anything could happen but 2K needs to scale it back on create the skill gap bigger by penalizing poorly timed/contested shots and rewarding correctly timed/uncontested shots.

I feel like it that way for the most part anyhow greening might be difficult. Not lol the punishment for mistiming shots is not consistent or true whatsoever and people green way. 1 week earlys go at at a high rate the next lates do the slightlys do lol like off you timed it, why wouldn't it be based? I'll tell you why because NBA 2K is shit and they would rather use some horrible RNG algorythm which rubberbands NBA 2Kplay and clearly gives players benefits based on nothing but fanciful"momentum" not skill or IQ fucking made up dumbass pre-decided BS like why could anybody ever think that that's a fantastic idea esp for internet play lol it's like half the time.

I really don't feel like I am playing another person I am enjoying this idiotic algorythm that just randomly decides when I begin making shots and once I begin bricking it is incredibly stupid and leaves NBA 2K extremely predictable and not enjoyable. When folks say that I don't get buy mt coins. People today claim it's to easy to green but majority of players I face can't green in TTO(been a while since I played unlimited). It isn't made by me they keep greening the exact same but if you don't green. Dudes have 99 threes with each the shooting badges but can't green 2K needs and a shooter to punish them because of it.

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