Google Records a 668% Increase in Searching for Homes for Rent

An exclusive survey of Brazilians who have recently moved or are looking for a new home signals a recovery in the real estate market. Houses for rent

Apparently, the fall in the basic interest rate, the consequent reaction of banks to make financing options more attractive, in addition to the change in the relationship between people and their homes, have been reflected in the search for new real estate options. This is shown by an exclusive Google online search between the 3rd and 5th of August. Houses for rent

According to the survey, carried out with 1,000 people who moved in the last six months or intend to move in the next semester, the volume of research on the subject, which had fallen by 3% between March and April compared to the same period last year, increased 39% in August. "This index is even higher than the volume registered in January, considered the month with the greatest seasonality for the real estate segment and which normally registers 27% more searches than the year's average", explains Gustavo Souza, business director for services of Google Brazil.  strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like park view city islamabad cda

"Houses for rent"

The survey also shows a considerable growth in August this year compared to August last year in searches for real estate (+33.2%), classifieds (+30.2%) and developers (+23.7%). But the big highlight was the term “houses for rent” – the most sought after in the market, with an increase of 668%.

Compared to July, there was a significant growth in demand for rent (+66.69%) and purchase/sale (+66.73). The interest, according to Google, has been accompanied by other related themes, such as real estate financing and government programs such as Minha Casa Minha Vida (currently Casa Verde and Amarela), whose searches grew 40% in August.

Meanwhile, the “season rental” category continues with retracted demand when compared to last year (-1%), but reacts to the flexibility measures. In August, searches grew 27% compared to July, when demand is usually higher because of school holidays.
Why change?

The results of the research carried out by Google show that home ownership is still a Brazilian dream, but other factors also influence the decision to move property, such as a space that no longer meets their needs (28%); the dream of owning a home (25%), the lack of financial conditions to stay in the property (22%), the growth of the family (15%) and the change of job (15%). Houses for rent

The change in the relationship between people and their homes is also evident in the clipping that brings the terms related to searches for “at home”. In this category, the searches that grew the most between March and August in relation to the pre-pandemic period were “studying at home” (6.000%), “cooking at home” (320%), “training at home” (300%), “working at home” (26%) and, of course, “staying at home” (more than 200x).

Leisure options also needed to be reinvented because of confinement. Demand for barbecue grills grew 110% in August compared to last year, as did the swimming pool (93%) and terrace (63%). "With the social distance, the relationship with the home brought many new meanings and functional needs: it became the place of work, study, exercise and continuous attention, either because of the need to take on domestic tasks or to take care of families in a regimen of 24 hours a day, seven days a week”, says Souza. "This generated a strong need for learning to adapt routines that were not previously done at home to our new reality." 


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