Rifle Build Barrel Snake - Reusable and Compact for Various Caliber Sizes

Rifle Build Barrel Snake - Reusable and Compact for Various Caliber Sizes

Rifle Build Barrel Snake - Reusable and Compact for Various Caliber Sizes

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Quick Easy: Cleans In 1 Quick Pass! Pre-scrub Solution Can Be Applied First, Brushes Then Scrub The Barrel; Cleaning Cloth Cleans-up, And Remaining Length Can Apply Any Lubricant You Wish - All In A Single Pass!

Reusable: Solvent Safe, Machine Washable Reusable Hundreds Of Times

Compact: Lightweight And Compact - Fits Easily Into Your Pocket, To Assure It’s Always Ready

Professional: Packaged In Clamshell. Beware Of Competitor Products Which Are Packaged In Zip Baggies

Gift Idea: Spring into gift giving with a barrel snake gun cleaning kit. It’s a great addition to your gun gifts for dad, brother, or husband.

I've got to say I was wondering just what kind of quality this boresnake was going to show up as. In short it's almost the same as another popular boresnake which I myself own many of. It isn't the same quality as the viper boresnake but, that's apples to oranges. The knit and copper brushes are the same material and it's about half the price. So if you want a quick, thorough and most importantly cost effective clean barrel this is where to put a few bucks. I was not given a discount or compensated for this review in any way. This is my sole opinion of this product.

I'm an avid shooter. I used this when I was breaking in a new 30-06 barrel. It was used dozens of times on day 1. It was a snug fit (as it should be) and left the barrel completely clean. It performed exactly the way I hoped it would.

I own several other bore snakes from the big manufacturers. This product is equal in quality but better in price. The materials are excellent and it's very strong. If I'm trying to critique it, I'd say I would like to see the brass weight at the end to be a little heavier. This could easily be 5 Stars and maybe should be. With this small adjustment it would be the best I've ever used.

Totally worth buying.

Update - after using this for a 9mm I compared more closely with other brands that I own. It feels slightly lighter than the other brands but it really works great. I'm bumping the review to 5 stars. I was being overly critical...

I read all the other reviews and can only confirm most all that was written. I use it for my AR-15 whenever I just want to give the bore a quick and thorough cleaning without having to field strip it. It pulls rather hard which is a sign that it makes good and tight contact. It does a real good job. I think this one is the best bang for the buck. I use other snakes from made by competitors. This one does just the same good job as some products costing twice as much. I will buy two more for my .308 and a .45-70. That's all I need to say.

Worked and performed in the same manner as my Hoppes bore snake which is to say it performed great. The price was too good to pass up so I bought a few of these in different calibers I own and after a day at the range all the cleaners performed very well and I was left with several clean barrels within minutes. Operation is simple: I apply a little bit of Hoppes # 9 to the bristle portion and feed the snake in with the thin brass end going in first and I pull the entire cleaner through then repeat the process 1 or 2 more times. I noticed it can be a little hard to pull the snake through but I believe that is just the nature of these types of cleaners as the Hoppes brand snake I have is just as difficult to pull through. Overall I was very pleased with this purchase and I'd recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried using a bore snake yet or anyone with a number of different calibers they want to get snakes in without paying too much.

These bore snakes are almost necessary to clean a .22 bore. Using patches is a nightmare of cutting and getting the rod jammed because the patch was slightly too big! Too small and you barely pick up any fouling! Run a wire brush through first, follow with a dry patch, soak the bore in your favorite solvent and run the bore snake through twice, DONE. It works insanely well, and is very stiff to get through depending on how much fouling is in the barrel. Carefully pull through so you don't rip it and pull at the actual snake once you get it far enough through. Easily the best gun cleaning product i have ever purchased.