World of Warcraft's Race to World First event cleared the raid to rule the temple

World of Warcraft's Race to World First event cleared the raid to rule the temple

Faithful players of World of Warcraft know that WoW's mythical raid community is preparing for the Race to World First event, which may be the most difficult event in the game's recent memory.

The Assault on the Temple of Domination was released on July 13, 2021. Before the release of Mythical Difficulty, its number of clearances hit a record low. According to data from the World of Warcraft statistics website RaiderIO, it can Buy TBC Classic Gold be seen that the finish line of the mythical predator requires a relatively long race. Because only 74 guilds successfully defeated Sylvanas Windrunner on heroic difficulty during the initial release of the raid.

Before the final mythical race for Azeroth in the last expansion of World of Warcraft, more than 600 guilds cleared Ny'alotha on heroic difficulty. So in December of last year, when only 98 guilds managed to kill the final leader of the Nathria game in the Castle, Sir Denathius, before the opening of the Mythical Difficulty to the public, the public thought this number was unusually low. In fact, before the start of each mythical race, players will have a week to get used to the new heroic difficulty raid.

In the final liquidation of the past week, the heroic version of the raid ended up with the belief that it felt like a mythical raid leader played a huge role. Currently, only 74 guilds have managed to completely complete the game's latest raid on the second highest difficulty. It is expected that the number of teams to clear the ruling temple on the TBC Classic Gold highest difficulty will be much less in the next week.

In the last Race to World First event, Complexity Limit won the first place with a relatively large advantage. It took Echo 24 hours to complete the raid, and finally finished second. The event lasted a total of eight days. It is not yet clear how long the ruling temple race itself will last, but the team may honed in the raid for a considerable period of time. Because they need to fight a few difficult battles in the middle of the raid, and in the Sylvanas Windrunner, they have to fight very hard to end things.

In the Race to World First competition, players tried a total of 731 attempts before defeating Unat in the Assault on the Forge of Storms. The assault leader won the highest attempt record. Currently, The World of Warcraft Sanctum of Domination Race to World First race has started. If you are interested in this race, you can start to experience it around 11 am Central Time. Of course, players with enough TBC Classic Gold will have a chance to win. Welcome to visit MMOWTS to buy the safest WOW TBC Classic Gold, they provide the fastest delivery speed on the market.