5+ Ways to Save Money When Booking Airline Tickets: A blog on the 5 methods of saving money when booking airline tickets

1. Intro

A few weeks ago, I went on my first flight ever without my phone. Not only that, but I actually made it back home without using my phone

1. Intro

A few weeks ago, I went on my first flight ever without my phone. Not only that, but I actually made it back home without using my phone at all.
I thought this was so cool. I really did.
However, the next day, when I went to book a flight that same day, they wanted $33 more than what Id paid online. ApparentlySpirit airline reservationshad some sort of glitch where they couldnt understand how much money I had left on my card. They also wanted me to pay $15 more for a processing fee because it took them longer to process my payment than mine did.
In addition to that, the agent said that the airline had cancelled flights for me and there was nothing else available with me in the future.Spirit airline flightstold me that if there was nothing else available in the future, then I would have to cancel my ticket and get a full refund.
I felt so bad for saying No because obviously no one can cancel their flight unless it is scheduled to be cancelled and an announcement is made (usually prior to departure) or there are options available for cancellation within 24 hours of departure (which is standard for flights within the US). But what really upset me was when they told me in their no-pressure sales pitch that if I had to cancel my ticket because there wasnt anything else available with me in the future then even though there were no other choices available with me in the future, they still would have asked me if it wasnt OK with me before they left etc etc etc
Anyways, after reading through all these blogs and forums online a couple days ago about this very issue (flight cancellations due to passengers refusing boarding), I decided that I needed to figure out a solution myself as soon as possible because this has been going on since March and we have been paying this $33 since March 1st we have been paying this $15 since March 11th and now we are being charged $33 more than what we paid online? You see where this is going: people will just go crazy from now on because of this!
So here goes: If you want to avoid being charged hundreds of dollars extra by flying with Spirit Airlines or any other airline company here are 5 ways you can save money when booking airfare! 1/ Booking your flight outside of airport 2/ Booking your flight at no charge

2. Downloading a VPN is super easy and can help you save money on flights within minutes. Many VPNs require a subscription however, youre not required to sign up for a long-term contract. This fee can be avoided by booking your flight at the Frontier Airlines ticket counter inside the airport.

Janice F. is the founder of Southwest Airlines. She started the airline by giving away her first aircraft for free to anybody who wanted it. Since then, her company has amassed more than 1,000 jets and planes, making it the largest airline in North America and the world.
What makes Janice F. truly remarkable is that she not only created a successful businessshe also made it profitable! Southwest Airlines has consistently ranked as one of the top companies in terms of profits with a profit margin of almost 20% over its stock price. This impressive track record of success is due to the fact that she always looks out for her customers and always puts their interests first.
One of the ways Inge Minkow, an industry expert in airline industry management, attributes this success to Janice F.'s leadership style: "Janice F.'s decision-making process is very independent minded and results oriented rather than process oriented."
So what does this all mean? The key message is that leadership can be impregnated with passion for your company if you are able to follow your passion early on and make it a priority to put your company first you will find yourself at the top of your profession, earning more money than you ever imagined could be possible..