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1. Intro

If you are planning a trip to the U.S. in the coming months, you might want to look at flights that offer better deals within a couple o

1. Intro

If you are planning a trip to the U.S. in the coming months, you might want to look at flights that offer better deals within a couple of days of each other. Spirit Airlines is one of these companies that offers great deals on flights within two days of each other.

2. The Best Time to Buy a Plane Ticket Depends on When You Fly

The best time to book a plane ticket depends on when you fly. It depends on how much you pay for the tickets, how much is left on your credit card, and where you fly.
Typically, if you buy airline tickets online or in a travel agent, there is a 24-hour window before your flight. If you are flying out of one of the major international hubs, like Los Angeles or New York, you may get lucky and have more than just the day to plan ahead. But if you are flying into smaller airports outside North America or Europe, that window may be too small to make it worthwhile to book a flight online or in a travel agency.
If I'm deciding whether to go on vacation, I usually look at December 1st as that big sale deadline when airlines offer "last minute" deals before Christmas holiday sales start rolling in. In my experience, though those deals usually end up being bigger than January 1st of the following year which is why Spirit Airlines has so much success with last minute discounts for early January those last minute deals are not always worth it!
So I recommend that anyone planning their vacation take advantage of low-cost flights or other low-cost ways to save money before the holidays begin (and especially after Christmas ends). Note that Spirit Airlines offers no such deals before Christmas.
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3. Best Day to Book: Tuesday

Spirit Airlines is a small, privately owned airline. I was recently asked to choose the best day to book a flight. So heres my list of best days to book
Best Day to Book: Tuesday
Best Airline: Spirit Airlines
Best Airline Line: Spirit Airlines
Best Airline for Business Travel: Spirit Airlines
Best Airline for Electronic Billing: Spirit Airlines
Best Airline for Long-Distance Travelers: Spirit Airlines
Best Time To Buy a Plane Ticket from Spirit Airlines: Tuesday, January 8th at 3 pm Eastern Time (EST) and any time later on Tuesday, January 8th until Thursday, January 10th that is not particularly important or inconvenient. I am sure there are many other dates available but these are the ones I have been given by people who have used this system previously.2. Book A Second-Class Ticket at Southwest Airlines via Online Tickets Last year one of my readers wrote me asking if it would be possible to purchase a second class ticket via online tickets because he was traveling with his family and he wished to avoid paying an extra $15 each way in baggage fees on his $300 ticket to fly from Phoenix, Arizona to Dallas, Texas.3 The answer is yes!4 You can fly second-class (low-cost seating) on Southwest Airlines via online tickets if you make your reservations with their website, click the link below, and enter your first name and your e-mail address (so you do not need an account). You will then receive an e-mail message telling you that you have successfully placed your online ticket reservation. Once you click the link, you will be able to pay for the ticket using a credit card or cash deposit into an account (in cash or checks) just as if you were flying in first class (first class seats are not available).5 This is exactly what I did. Heres how it went down with my family members (they flew business class): We went directly from the airport in Phoenix to the airport in Dallas on our Southwest Flight 441 which took about 1 hour including taxiing time from the airport in Phoenix to Dallas International Airport (DIA). We arrived at DIA around 11 AM when we were supposed to be checking in. We checked into our hotel at DIA about 3 PM where we had lunch before departing for our destination destination about 6 PM local time about 2 hours after departure time even though we booked our itinerary with only a single night stay

4. Best Time to Book: 3 p.m. eastern time

Spirit Airlines is one of the largest discount airlines in the world, and it flies more than 130 routes to over 120 cities across the globe. It also offers baggage fees that are often far lower than competitors.
The airline has been around since 2002, when it was founded as Frontier Airlines. It later rebranded as Spirit Airlines in January 2014. The company's name became an acronym for Spirit of Southwest Airlines (Spirit of the early 1930s).

5. Where to Look for Cheap Flights: Orbitz, Kayak, Travelocity and Google Flights

Every year, Spirit Airlines announces a new round of baggage fees for its customers. Its the most scurrilous airline in the world. Not only is it notorious for its high baggage fees, but its also been found to have a terrible track record of exploiting its passengers, while violating consumer laws and regulations. For example: In March 2010, Spirit Airlines was fined $11,500 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for selling airline tickets at prices that were 30 percent above the published rate a violation of federal law. InSpirit airline official site , Spirit Airlines was fined $16,500 by the FAA for selling airline tickets at 30 percent above the published rate another violation of federal law. And in April 2016, Spirit Airlines was fined $2 million by the FDA over allegations that it had violated food safety regulations with meals served in flight. After being plagued with these kinds of scandals since its inception in 1996, Spirit has recently lowered some of its baggage fees (which are higher than competitors like Delta), but not others (which are more expensive than competitors like American).


Spirit Airlines is a great deal for many travelers. It offers cheap flights to multiple cities, and is very efficient in booking flights. However, the company's baggage fees (for checked bags) are probably the biggest drawback. Spirit Airlines has a baggage fee policy that applies to all passengers regardless of whether they have purchased online or over the phone.
This policy can be very confusing and at times annoying, especially when you're trying to book a flight with Spirit Airlines . To make sure you don't get confused, here's an overview of how baggage fees work within the airline:
1. Booking fee: Travelers pay $25 for each checked bag up to the weight limit of 18 pounds per passenger on domestic flights only (maximum weight per person: 55 pounds).
2. Reissuable ticket fee: Travelers pay $20 for each checked bag up to the weight limit of 14 pounds per passenger on international flights (maximum weight per person: 55 pounds). The reissuable flight ticket is considered a refundable ticket , so you're reimbursed if your checked luggage weighs more than these limits on a flight that Spirit Airlines operates; you don't have to pay any additional fees if your checked bag doesn't exceed those limits.
3. Special conditions fee: All passengers must obey any special condition(s) imposed by Spirit Airlines or its baggage service provider during and after travel; these may include restrictions on using baggage carts , food , beverages or strollers . In addition, baggage service providers such as Spirit Airlines may impose other restrictions such as limiting the number of pieces of luggage allowed in certain dimensions or type of luggage allowed in certain dimensions on flights operated by other airlines , and generally restricting how much luggage an individual can carry through security checkpoints .
4. Baggage refundable fee: And now for something completely differenta refundable check-in fee ($35) is charged in addition to baggage fees when passengers check their bags at their airline counter with no charges from the airlines themselves . That means that even if your checked bag is overweight , your refundable check-in fee will cover most costs associated with transporting your oversized bag through airport security checkpoints . If you don't want to pay this check-in fee, you can avoid it by paying for your entire trip instead of just paying for one piece of checked luggage , which allows you to bring more than one piece of checked luggage without incurring any additional fees or penalties from either Spirit Airlines or the airlines themselves .