WoW Classic TBC: Burning Crusade Arena Tournament is already counting down

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Blizzard announced plans to launch its next major World of Warcraft classic event on Battle.Net this week. The Burning Crusade Arena Tournament will have the top 16 teams from North America and Europe. The best will enter this weekend’s live broadcast, the Classic Arena Championship (CAT) broadcast.

The Arena Tournament will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch. Blizzard told gamers today: “From the 150 teams that signed up before the qualifiers last weekend, there are only 8 teams left in North America and Europe. WoW, Esports’ first Burning Crusade The epic ending of the Classic Arena Championship has been finalized. The remaining teams are made up of some of the best 3v3 players in the world, who have mastered the legendary arena, and their total prize money is $30,000.

CAT is their celebration of everything WoW PVP because it can be traced back to the greatest game of 2007 and the original starting point of WoW Esports. Special guest commentary and Holly Longdale, the classic chief producer of "Burning Crusade". The casters Supatase, Venruki, and Ziqo of the Arena World Championship will be in charge of the service desk throughout the weekend. Esfand, MrGM and Pikaboo will join them.

The start time of the WoW Classic Arena Tournament has been set to Friday, July 23, at 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. The complete schedule is as follows:

    Location: and Twitch. tv/Warcraft

    Co-Streams: Players will be able to broadcast their matches live on their own channels

    Date: Friday, July 23-Sunday, July 25

    Broadcast start time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time

    Bonus: USD 30,000 (USD), divided into USD 15,000 for each region

    First place: US$5,000

    Second place: USD 3,500

    Third place: USD 2,000

    Fourth place: USD 1,500

    5th/6th place: 1,000 USD

    7th/8th place: 500 USD

    Competition system: 3v3, double lose in five games

It should also be noted that in addition to tournaments, there will be some top arena events in World of Warcraft. Throughout the week, from anywhere in Azeroth, open the team finder (default hotkey: i), select the player battle tab at the bottom of the window, and then at leisure, select the arena skirmish and join the battle. You will match your teammates and provide opponents to kill in the arena. You can also queue up Premade groups in the Premade tab or create your own groups.

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