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Clubhouse clone is an audio-based social network software that allows users to meet regularly and talk about a variety of topics. It can be adapted to the specific needs of the client and given as a white label clubhouse app.

Social networking has become an inextricable thing in life, and there's no denying that apps like these may help people connect more effectively. Clubhouse Clone is an audio-based social media app that has sparked worldwide discussion.


Even Facebook-like market companies are taking advantage by building Clubhouse-like apps, as this app has 2 million weekly active members, which is outstanding for a brand new app. Users' interest in this audio-based social media service has grown as a result of the buzz.


Uses of Clubhouse Clone:


Plan a Digital Event: As a result of the pandemic, online meetings are becoming more popular, yet privacy and data concerns persist. Our audio-based Clubhouse app allows you to arrange private events for any team or organisation that are only open to those who have been accepted.

Make Professional Connections: Networking is critical. If you're a maker, writer, artist, or company owner, there's something for you. To get market insights, network with people who aren't in your field.

Meeting: Do you have any apprehensions about talking to someone on social media? In this app, there will be no danger of information theft. Everyone does not have access to every meeting, and if you want to host another, you must agree to the privacy policies.

Work in a group: Every member in our Clubhouse social networking app has the ability to establish a private chat with another user, and you have the option to accept or deny the invitation. Professionals will be able to interact with one another regarding possible cooperation. When the conversation is finished, this private chat will be removed.

Best podcast platform: This application has a lot of benefits for soundcloud developers, and with our audio-based social media app, one can gain a lot of followers. This software has audio capabilities that allow you to communicate with your podcast audience in meetings and discussions about their podcasts.

Another benefit for business professionals: Audio clips can be exchanged in virtual "rooms" with our Clubhouse-style application. The audio starts automatically when a user enters the room. The room's creator decides who has the right to speak, and interested users can contact the creator to continue the conversation.


We at Omninos Solution Services can help you design social media audio app solutions like Clubhouse Clone that include current features as well as introduce new features.


It’s Features:

  • The client can design a meeting/event room with any topic they like and set the start time for the meeting.
  • Audio meeting rooms made by individuals or groups are displayed in this feature.
  • We'll also include a built-in calendar to inform users of upcoming appointments to which they've expressed an interest.
  • The user is invited to the meeting based on his or her activity and the meeting that he or she is holding. 
  • If any of the user's contacts enter the room to speak, the user gets notified.

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