Some fascinating information

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Now this is extremely bad for mages, especially any foolish pures. My opponent has 1 defence, but 50 magical, without getting any combat levels he already has defenmce agaisnt me. Now in RS classic magic added into OSRS gold the battle level, this meant you had reduced mage defence or unused combat levels. Now everyone appears to get high mage defence without even gaining and combat level. Ont op of wearing black dragon hide chaps at the same defence, a 1 def pure has a formidible defence agaisnt my strikes while his range and mellee attacks hit me if I had no defence.

As a pure amge, I've been fighting for a minute, my opponent has begun to slash , hes on non hp, how do I kill him? I can't use the double stack combination, it just works from distance. I have no possible way to kill him at all unless I choose to hybrid. Hybridding presenting another Issue, wearing hybrid gear reduces my magical strike and that means I won't get down him in health in the first Location

They understand theres no way you'll be able to prevent them ko them as soon as they get near you and the possibility of a failed spec is loooooooow.

I initially made this thread onto the Runescape forums

Hi, have you ever wondered how the people on Scaperune educated their abilities? Can they have different abilities? You can decide those! Simply write how all the folks on Scaperune would train their abilities. Attempt to make it as funny as possible but not too wierd. For all those of you who do not know what Scaperune is: Scaperune is the reverse of Runescape. There's only 1 way to get to Scaperune, through a random event. There are only two random events that can bring you there, and among these is just accessible when fishing. In these areas, things are wacky and awakened. Prison Pete is the opposite of Party Pete in the party space, and on evil's bob island, you capture fish cooked, and have to uncook them.

Some fascinating information: Using a cooked food onto the'Uncooking pots' on Evil Bob's island (is in ScapeRune) will end in the message:"You need an Uncooking level of (cooking level needed to cook meals ) into uncook that." I challenge anybody who could be bothered, to take 28 cooked shrimps on them constantly, and if they do eventually do this arbitrary, to uncook all of them and get 2 Uncooking! I wonder if you're able to fail to uncook something there, and get a super-rare"really raw" item?

Few nights ago I hung out with one of my friends I used to always whore out RS with when we were younger, and while cleaning his PC out we came across some older PKing screenshots, level ups, etcso we decided to renew our memberships just to mess around. The very first thing I discovered was the tabbed banks, I'd ~6m in things, luckly it was cash rather than things, but still nothing compared to my prime of staking back into the day. Then I checked out the new pvp worlds, and I have actually gotta say I really like a good deal of Cheap RS gold the concepts but despise on others, over all I still prefer the older wilderness - but I am not complaining about pvp worlds.

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