5 Places to Explore for Solving Physics Assignments

5 Places to Explore for Solving Physics Assignments

If you wish to present an impressive Physics assignment or paper, you need good research papers or facts (theories and experiments) at your disposal. Many hire assignment writers when they are unable to gather the required resources. If you are one of those students, you should go through the following resources.

  1. Academic Earth

At you will get to see free online lectures and courses. You will find programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, etc. You will learn all about Kinematics, Dynamics, Harmonic Motion, Wave Energy, etc. And if you cannot understand a topic, you can seek assistance from your peers, or, you can pick the brain of the assignment help online writers.

  1. Google Scholar

Next, you should visit Google Scholar. You will get to see documents such as peer-reviewed articles, e-books, and millions of other documents. You can easily get access to graphs, facts, experiments, conference papers, etc. These will come in handy when you try to validate the statements.

  1. YouTube

If you search YouTube, you will get updated information and get to check out videos where interesting facts are shared. In fact, if you face issues in understanding a concept, you can browse through any channel to clear your doubts. For instance, you can check out CrashCourse, Numberphile, Two Minute Papers, etc.

  1. Jefferson Lab

The US Department of Energy's Office of Science National Laboratory owns the Jefferson Lab, which is a National Accelerator Facility. They are continually probing and understanding the building blocks of matter here. As you can imagine, you get to know about the latest discoveries, research papers and much more.

  1. The Physics Classroom

Here, you will find tutorials from qualified teachers on various Physics topics. You will get Physics simulations, via the Physics Interactives, which includes a vast database of HTML5 interactive simulations. You also get to solve a number of worksheets, and test your concepts.

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  1. MIT Online

Here, you will get to see free courses, such as Statistical Mechanics, General homework help Relativity, Quantum Theory, Classical Mechanics, etc. Furthermore, you will get courses for Undergraduate and Graduate levels. You can sort the courses by features, course number, etc.

Hopefully, you get the required information from the above-mentioned resources. If you need further assistance, you can hire assignment writers for paper help associated with educational service providers.

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