10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Writing an Essay

Writing an academic essay can be challenging. This is the reason students make mistakes in it. You should beware of the most common essay writing mistakes.

Writing an essay is a difficult task. All the students know the basics of writing an essay, beginning from the thesis statement and finishing with a captivating conclusion. 

Do you think it is really very simple to write an authentic essay? Of course, it is not a simple task. Students still dread showcasing their work to others because they get stuck with writing a custom essay.

Most of the students do jobs along with their students to earn a livelihood. Thus, they lack proper time and buy essays from professional writers to fix their problems.

There is not a single template you can learn to overcome all the essay writing mistakes. This is why professional essay writers have stepped in to help you in becoming your own editor to fix the essay writing mistakes.


  • Ignoring a thesis statement


A thesis statement is the compulsory part of your introductory section and the essay as well. The most common problem is when students do not add a thesis statement in the most important part of the essay – an introduction. 

If you neglect to write the statement as the central idea of your essay, you will not be able to tell your readers what your essay is about.


  • Repeating the introduction


It is also observed that students mostly repeat the introduction of their essay in the conclusion. The final portion of your essay is not the place to repeat the introductory section with different words. 


  • Essay with the bulk of facts and information


Even though you were asked to write an in-depth essay, this does not mean writing the information and facts without draining them.

Rather, you have to present sufficient but narrowed information to your reader.


  • Writing a complex essay


Many students write an essay with a hard-to-read structure. When your mentor asks you to write a topic that will follow some specific guidelines, this does not mean that your essay should have a complex structure.

Generally, it means that you have to present a simple and concise message to your reader.


  • Writing in a wrong format


An academic essay does not only depend on the content. No matter how well-crafted your content is, the formatting guidelines are equally important. 

If you ignore the format details, it would not matter how engaging and appealing your content is, it is in vain.


  • Including too many typos


You should keep one thing in mind that your typos cannot indicate your grammar proficiency. Anyhow, submitting your essay without proofreading is proof that you are not sincere with your writing.


  • Plagiarism


Plagiarism is a serious crime and no professor allows this. With the advancement in the field of science, your professors can easily detect plagiarism with paid tools.


  • No linkage among the paragraphs


Every paragraph contains a separate idea and you have to format it in such a way. However, this does not simply mean that you skip the transition among the paragraphs.


  • Including too many topics in a single essay


Adding too many topics and subjects in your essay decreases the worth of your thesis statement. Rather, you have to write a single topic in your essay that fits perfectly to the single idea.


  • Using inappropriate titles


You should keep this thing in mind that the titles of your essay must be a reflection of its content. By reading your topics, the reader should come to know what your essay is about.