Is it Possible to Change My Lufthansa Flight Date?

With this airline, managing your reservation is easy.

With this airline, managing your reservation is easy. But you're undoubtedly wondering if you may alter the date of your journey with Lufthansa. You can change the date of your flight, but how? The procedures are described below.

  • Launch the Lufthansa website for reservations.
  • Go to the homepage and click the drop-down option next to "Manage Bookings."
  • Now input your login information, such as your last name and booking or reference number.
  • Go to the bookings icon and select the reservation you want to update to begin.
  • But if you bought a round-way ticket, you might have to reschedule the entire trip.
  • Click on the reservation to reveal the drop-down menu, then choose Change date .
  • You can choose a date here, but if the new flight costs more, the difference is your responsibility.
  • However, Lufthansa prohibits customers from changing their flights more than once. Future charges could be levied against you.



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