Take a look at the design of the Flattrack containers and 3 important points to choose it

Flattrack containers are one of the containers used for storage and delivery of goods. The freight industry faces a number of challenging challenges related to delivering various goods in the best possible way using all means of transport.

Creating a logistics plan for large and very heavy building removals is very challenging. Some of the discussions below will explain the factors to consider when choosing a flattrack container.

The inability to load large objects presents a container configuration. Some conditions make some vehicles restricted, because the transportation of such goods is outside the limits of some vehicles.

In this case, unique container equipment should be considered, especially flattrack containers, made specifically for this situation.

Design features of flattrack containers

The flattrack container design is actually just two end walls and a container base that can be folded away if needed, often referred to simply as a platform.

The platform is built using a sturdy and sturdy corten steel structure, which allows the flat rack module to support heavy loads. Therefore, these containers can be used for the transport of large heavy loads that cannot be loaded into standard containers. See cafe container and container high cube too.

It should be noted that this type of container can carry special equipment, cars, mass production equipment, modular construction, metal bases, cable reels, wood, large pipes, etc.

Types of flattrack containers

Flatrack containers are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the following characteristics:

Foldable ends

The organization of loading and unloading operations can be facilitated and accelerated with the use of this unit. This container has an end wall which can be folded down when needed.

FlatRack with fixed ends

The wall at the end of this folding container is rigid and sturdy and cannot be folded.

3 Visual inspection of used containers

Interested in buying a used flattrack container? Here are some important points you can consider when choosing a used container. Containers must first be inspected for external damage. An external evaluation will help determine:

Corrosion point

Some components of the container may have rust stains. Walls and ceilings should receive special attention. Corrosion is a significant disadvantage when buying used containers.

Restoring corrosion resistance will cost money. The quality of the material intended for storage will undoubtedly decline if the damaged area is not detected.


Any leaks can be detected quickly. All it has to do is internalize the closure. If there is the slightest crack, sunlight will surely enter. This will result in loss and damage to the product under current operating conditions.

Quality of the equipment

It doesn't matter if the purchase is made for transportation or to organize the family when building a house like direksi keet.

Only if there are no door defects in a project can the safety of material assets be guaranteed. It is necessary to check the sturdiness of the fixtures, the functionality of the locks and the level of tightness of the gaskets around the doors.

Well, this is information like Peek at Flattrack Container Design and 3 Important Points to Choose It. Adapt the need for the use of containers with goods to be stored and transported. Entrust your container needs only to the leading suppliers of sales, purchase and rental services, so that you get the best quality of the unit.