Kingdom Valley Islamabad

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Master plan for Kingdom Valley, Islamabad

Kingdom Valley is a mixed-use development located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It will include a hotel, office towers, apartments, retail space and a lake. The master plan was designed by the architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects and was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2005.

The Purpose of the Master Plan

The purpose of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated Blueprint for the long-term future of this thriving township. The goal is to improve livability, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for residents.
Kingdom Valley is located in Islamabad, Pakistan and has a population of over 210,000. It has seen significant growth over the past several years, with new businesses and developments springing up all around its bustling downtown area. Despite this growth, there are still areas that need improvement. The Master Plan will help address these needs while also promoting tourism and investment in the township.
The objectives of the Kingdom Valley Master Plan include:
1) Improving Livability: The goal is to make living in Kingdom Valley easier by improving access to services and amenities, as well as creating more walkable neighborhoods.
2) Promoting Economic Growth: The plan will help stimulate economic development by making it easier to obtain permits and licenses, encouraging business expansion, and improving infrastructure.
3) Enhancing Quality of Life: The goal is to make life in Kingdom Valley more enjoyable by ensuring cleanliness and safety; increasing recreational opportunities; and improving connectivity between neighborhoods.

The Five Main Areas of the Plan

The Kingdom Valley Master Plan comprises of five main areas: 1) Infrastructure Development Management; 2) Socio-Economic Development; 3) Environmental Conservation and Sustainability; 4) Governance Administration; 5) Community Engagement.

The first area, Infrastructure Development Management, will include the development of an infrastructure plan and management framework for the valley. This includes developing detailed plans for key infrastructure components such as roads, bridges, water supply systems, schools, clinics and other critical facilities. The plan will also identify potential land uses and develop zoning regulations to ensure that the valley is developed in a balanced manner that takes into account its environment and socio-economic needs.

The second area, Socio-Economic Development, aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of the valley's residents by creating employment opportunities and boosting local businesses. projects in this area will include the development of a rural economy strategy, an enterprise development program and an institutional financing program for small businesses.

The third area, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, focuses on reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainable development practices in the valley. Projects in this area include the assessment of environmental risks associated with various land use proposals, the promotion of energy conservation initiatives and the development of a waste management plan.

The fourth area, Governance Administration, includes provisions for efficient governance processes at all levels of government including municipal elections, establishment of district level councils and improvement of disaster management capabilities.

The fifth area

The Timeline for Implementation

The Kingdom Valley Master Plan was finalized in 2006 and is currently under development. The plan will include the redevelopment of the existing townsite, as well as new development in the surrounding agricultural areas. The timeline for implementation is initially estimated to take 8-10 years, but could be reduced if progress is made on specific goals within a shorter timeframe.

The plan will include the following components:

1) A revitalization of the existing townsite including new housing, commercial areas, and parks;
2) Development of new residential and commercial areas north of the town center;
3) Improvements to infrastructure including roads, water supplies, and electricity grids;
4) Promotion of tourism through marketing efforts and by developing recreational opportunities in the area;
5) Protection and enhancement of natural resources;
6) Coordination with local communities throughout the project process.

Funding Sources and Strategies

The Kingdom Valley Master Plan was created with the goal of restoring and revitalizing this vital agricultural area in Islamabad. The plan stresses the importance of education, job creation, and sustainable agriculture as key funding sources for the project.

One important funding source for the restoration and revitalization of Kingdom Valley is government investment. The government has pledged to invest $5 million in the project, which will be used to build a water pipeline, create jobs, and upgrade irrigation systems. Other funding sources for the project include private investments (both foreign and domestic), international grants, and donations from NGOs.

strategies involving job creation are also important in restoring and revitalizing Kingdom Valley. The plan calls for creating jobs in industry (including textile production and food processing), tourism, agribusiness, and other sectors. The strategy involves targeting areas where there is a high need for skilled labor or where there is significant potential for economic growth. In addition to targeting traditional development zones, the plan also emphasizes developing rural areas near urban centers.

Another important strategy involves developing closer relationships with local communities. This involves engaging local leaders in discussion about the plans for the area, providing information about possible job opportunities, and establishing partnerships with NGOs that can help promote sustainable agriculture practices among locals


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