Flutter vs. Native: Identifying the Mobile Application Development Technology

Mobulous Technologies can be the best choice you can make. They have experience in building mobile apps both on Flutter as well as React Native.

Every firm wants to release their app on Google Play and the App Store.

But it's crucial to choose a technology stack before developing a mobile application.

In addition, it's critical that you pick a reputable mobile app development business.

The next thing that must be on your thoughts is probably which mobile app development technology, Flutter or Native Technology, you should choose.

As a result, we'll be talking about it in this blog.

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Programming language vs. native technology: #Flutter

The user interfaces are built using JavaScript in React Native by every leading mobile app development business. Additionally, JavaScript enjoys strong popularity, making it simple for web developers to use.

  • Initial setup and installation

React Native configuration is a simple process. Just use the command line to globally install React-Native CLI. You will also need Yarn NodeJS as your package managers in addition to this.

On the other hand, Flutter can be downloaded by installing binary for specific mobile platform. The next thing that you need to do is add the path variable. So, we can say that installation process of Flutter is not that straight forward.

Development Tools Documentation
React Native tends to have very good documentation. Hence, a lot of mobile app development company make use of it.

But, the sad part is that it is lot more focused on experienced web developers who are familiar with the concept of JavaScript.

For example, important features such as navigation are not documented in the right manner. Also, finding the information in terms of building the native libraries can be quite difficult.