I answered that polling is in the core of OSRS

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After running during the cheap OSRS gold poll Jagex definitely is apparently operating solo on this one. No third party firm would allow participants directly enter in their own contact information (because it would mean they would lose your business to their client [so not a nefarious thing]) and also the only area I found rather strange was that the telephone number request in the conclusion. I would have substituted that with a check box for recontacting and then pipe-in the email you could optionally have put in sooner for affirmation. I think you are fine answering this questionnaire when you have privacy concerns because essentially all information is anonymous and it's using an industry-standard system of Qualtrics. Jagex likely does not have market research ISO certifications but hey this is a fast yearly survey so they would not have to have any.

Biggest skill improvements readily Smithing and fletching. Crafting has super late game purpose with zenytes. Fletching has dragon darts and arrows I figure. Smithing has rune.make these skills useful for overdue game things. For me personally it was construction, despite getting my favorite rewards the training technique is awful to me and depends on aligned cameras etc.. For benefits, unquestionably fletching is up there. For methodology construction is up there I concur. I'd like to see world development construction. Like imagine you can improve how cities look (like burgh p rott activities ).

Even maybe as a profit idea. Just like you become assigned jobs around the cities to fix shit and you also get xp and an agency fee. Less xp/hr than the strategies that are current but really turning to. Agree. Development construction would be fantastic. Each area could have its own guild with projects to be constructed throughout the area. I would certainly be interested in experience as opposed to gain however.

For instance a project like creating a walkable bridge or NPC house could take 6-8 hours to finish granting reasonable experience rates during, and the town would cover all the source price. You could get paid a reasonable amount for the work but not a fantastic thing. Maybe you can receive rewards or perks for selecting contracts instead of payment. The main focus would have to be making it an adoptable training system for people working to a top building level, while still being rewarding to people who have 99 construction and beyond.

I'd appreciate an ending comments box (though I understand if that's hard to go through). I couldn't say I believed more could be worked by OSRS on articles. This was specially glaring on the"what would you think OSRS should concentrate on?" Section, where I had to pick stuff that I enjoy, but not actually what I believed the dev team should focus on. Also, I was intrigued about the HD OSRS screenshots. Glad to see they are looking into it. I used the improvement on in-game box towards the limit to voice something not related for fear that there would not be an additional box. There wasn't so that was a fantastic call. They could have used enter areas since there was a lot I'd have said but wasn't provided a location to.

Yes, I totally this. At every chance, I attempted to slip in more"untradeable/completionist articles", but the replies just could not reflect it completely. I would have liked a general remarks box at the end because there were several things I wanted to respond to in more detail but hadn't any place to achieve that. While completionist content wouldn't make it. I'm pretty bummed out that the completionist community could not express their opinions for sport direction. I was also happy to see the HD OSRS screenshots. They were rated by me as a optional toggle, because as my top. It'd make me even more excited to log in and get immersed.

If you do not feel comfortable with Qualtrics I know but my experience let's me think it's fine. Let's say I answered this survey 100 who'd you imagine gets that info? After GDPR I have felt so pressured with every single site ever to track and monitor me it is disgusting, and even more disgusting that it was happening before without my understanding. Taking a look at the survey connection along with the basic disclosures in the bottom of the webpage it doesn't seem the Jagex is having a third-party firm so if the only men and women who would have direct access to your information are the survey programmers who can pull exports out of the database to disperse internally. EU also includes some fairly strong data privacy legislation that (at least my US based firm which frequently interacts with Qualtrics connections ) are followed pretty strictly from the survey developers and information hosting sites.

I hope this feedback encourages the team to make surveys more targeted to the viewers who knowingly participate in the content they're polling, or use them as an advisory tool instead of a judgment. It would be interesting if they reveal some of the outcomes of this survey. I answered the contrary, that polling is at the core of OSRS and they should stick with it strictly. For clarity, I answered that polling is in the core of OSRS. The survey system empowers the entire playerbase to start freeform conversation on the proposed changes/additions made to Runescape itself and it's absolutely a terrific way to collect feedback and people opinion on something. With that said, I really don't think the present format meets the best interests of Runescape.

I don't believe the player base is great at determining which content, based on objective merit, is good for integrity and the overall health of Runescape long term. Based on polling, NMZ was liked by the community but it was important to remove. Players don't vote for any changes which make things tougher for them but over time which becomes a drawback as content becomes simpler and achievements are diluted, these can very minor but readily add up.

Another example is PvP and PK changes that are voted against. People even voted against allowing pures wear lucky chaps. The only effect of the to normal accounts would have been to marginally increase the need and so improve profits from hint scrolls. This is not an illustration of polling fulfilling the interests of Runescape, it's only a meme of not enjoying pures. If we just see updates that match the same 75 percent of people every time the remaining 25% become increasingly marginalised, which is not a good equilibrium when those 75/25 are apparently so frequently the same individuals.

I mean thats how voting works irl. Not everyone will make sound choices while voting, or make the"right" alternative. If literally everyone left the most educated, most objective voting options. The United States wouldn't have the president it does. Nothing more, real world example of voting. Our voting system isn't perfect, but its all we have to make sure we do not wind up pushed down RS3 players. Our throats. There are unquestionably improves that could be made that do not undermine it though (that are not being done or attempted).

What will kill and buy OSRS gold  ruin this game and its own integrity is this system's disregard which jagex is hoping to push as evident with this survey and has been doing. If jagex appeared as much as they state they do about it, then they would not have wording in surveys. Its a thing. You'd think it would get proof read or something.