Control the sky

Control the skyControl the skyControl the skyControl the skyControl the skyControl the sky

Ladies and gentlemen, it will be Mr. Lan's birthday in a few days. All the heroes in the world will gather together, and their influence should not be underestimated. At that time, I hope you can do your best to maintain order. At the same time, on top of this martial arts, send core disciples, let them see the strong strength of our four great families, threaten all corners of the country, so as to unify the rivers and lakes. The voice was so rich that it spoke so calmly and calmly that people unconsciously obeyed his orders. The speaker was a middle-aged man in a black robe. His eyes narrowed slightly, but he showed incomparable domineering and introverted brilliance, which made him even more unfathomable. This is Lan Xuan, the head of the Lan family, the father of Lan Ruyan. From his face, he is quite handsome. Lan Ruyan has inherited his handsome man's genes. "Brother Xuan is absolutely right. My Luo family should do their best." Another vigorous voice sounded, with the usual cold and arrogant, the original is the head of the Luo family Luo Tianfeng spoke, he wore a dark blue robe, some Confucian taste, sharp words so that people dare not resist, this is not a simple character. Yes, now that the situation has become one, our four great families should work together and help each other in the same boat. The insipid voice sounded, but it played a role that could not be ignored. This is the new master of the Yu family,digital signage screen, Yu Kong, the third son of the Yu family. Since the inexplicable death of Yu Qin, he has become the master of the Yu family. He was dressed in a navy blue silk robe, and his face, though mediocre, had an elusive smell. Above every householder, there is an old master, who is the real master of the situation,temperature scanning kiosks, and the householder is just an agent. But even so, the rights of the householder are hard to ignore. Yes, there is no one in the sky or on the ground who can stop our power. The last speaker is the last zero of the four great families. But even the smallest existence has real power that is hard to ignore, and after six years of development, the zero family has been able to compare with the feather family. If the zero family and the feather family unite, they will be even more powerful than the blue family. And the control of the zero family is obviously a strong man who is not easy to mess with. His face is upright, and although he has passed the age of 40, he is also full of vigor and vitality, and his eyes are shining. No, you have to be careful, after all, there are many strong people eyeing covetously, such as the thousand wolves and nine palaces, they can be regarded as the largest force, the dragon can not see the end. In order to get a glimpse of the secret of the Thousand Wolves Sect, I repeatedly poured some of the strong members of my family into it, facial recognition thermometer ,face recognition identification kiosk, but in the end I was fat and became a loyal wolf disciple of the Thousand Wolves Sect. I also collected a lot of information about my blue family. Lan Xuan's face was dignified, and it was obvious that he was also quite afraid of the Thousand Wolves Sect. And in recent years, Jiugong has secretly helped the Thousand Wolves Sect many times, which has greatly damaged the vitality of our four great families. But he spoke in vain, his eyes twinkling, and he did not know what stratagem he was thinking. Among the four masters of the house, Zero is not the most powerful being, but his vicious plans one after another can always bring a lot of benefits to people. Never mind, the Lord of the Nine Palaces will marry the Lord of the Tianxiang Palace on the tenth day of August. At that time, the Nine Palaces will also be our sphere of influence. It is enough to defeat the Thousand Wolves Sect and let these two forces be used by us. Yu Kong, who was in the most stable state of mind, also opened his mouth and spoke to the point. Indeed, as long as we get married, the head of the nine palaces will be in our control. The mysterious Luo Tianfeng also spoke. He looked at Lan Xuan in a twinkling of an eye and smiled. "Brother Xuan is really a good plan." Lan Xuan's eyes were calm and his tone was very cold. "Thanks to the elder Hong who saved the nine palaces at the beginning, otherwise, the marriage would have to be blown." "The pattern of the world seems to be reshuffling." There was an indescribable coldness under his naked eyes, and at the same time the corners of his mouth were pulled up, which made the handsome face a little distorted. No, we have to guard against one more person. Lan Xuan shook his head and said with some fear. You mean the frivolous one of the gods who shocked the dragon six years ago? Luo Tianfeng is a smart man, naturally know what Lan Xuan is afraid of. "Yes, if the royal frivolity reappears, the world tide will change because of him!"! Don't forget what he once said. He wants to usurp the throne and seize Ling! Lan Xuan's tone is more dignified, this person who can turn the world round and round, even if how powerful people, will be afraid of him. Don't forget, you were less than fifteen years old at that time! It is an unimaginable thing that a 14-year-old boy has become a thousand wolves and black Xiao who have swept the rivers and lakes. Moreover, with his own strength, he singled out the elites from all over the world, which is an appalling legend! Royal frivolity has become a legend, a legend that can not be surpassed, only one of the gods, Jiu Ge, can only be driven side by side with him. It is really a difficult object to resist frivolity. Luo Tianfeng sighed slightly, if he could, he really wanted to meet the young man who shocked Tianlong. Rumor has it that his handsome appearance can only be matched by His Highness Jiu Ge. The faces of the two of them, even Lin Ruoqing, who is the best in the world, and Hua Xiaoxiao, who is now the first beauty, are hard to surpass. Take the words of time people, it is simply the difference between clouds and mud! "But in that war, he was seriously injured by the attack of Bai Yao, and then consumed a lot of essence and blood by these elites. Even if he didn't die, he would be disabled." Zero said coldly that he never liked some arrogant boys, especially those who said they wanted to usurp the throne! No, it's very likely that the frivolous will not die. Don't forget the last strong man to come! Lan Xuan's eyebrows were full of caution. Brother Xuan means the strong man who can use the bloodthirsty ghost whip? Yu Kong was stunned and asked hurriedly. Yes, as we all know, the bloodthirsty ghost whip is a spiritual thing, which can only be grasped by the designated owner and maker. But everyone knows that this bloodthirsty ghost whip is made by the old man. As soon as Lan Xuan finished, the air was as cold as frozen. It seems that things are difficult,face recognition identification, the old seems to have something to do with the frivolity, I do not know if this time he will come out again for the sake of the frivolity. As soon as Luo Tianfeng finished, the Chamber of Secrets fell into silence. Pian Pian Emperor Chapter 24 ungrateful.

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