Heaven's plan to control hegemony

Heaven's plan to control hegemonyHeaven's plan to control hegemonyHeaven's plan to control hegemony

"Pay your respects to the Lord of the city!" In addition to He Qin and Yue Jin, including Qin Tang, the capital bowed with a solemn and solemn expression. He Qin suddenly looked at the girl in the main seat, a little confused for a moment. Yue Jin was stunned and was about to follow the salute. But I heard the familiar little girl in the first place with a clear and calm voice: "No need to be polite, please sit down!"! Head of the hall, please sit on the left! The left is respected in the world, and the world has always respected the old and the virtuous. The presence of the first Qin Tang age, strength and character are worthy of the first left, he did not refuse to sit down directly, and then the others sit in order of age. When He Qin and Yue Jin came forward, they were stopped by Tang Cheng, who did not have a strong sense of existence. Take the two men to the right and sit down. The seats were two and three, and they didn't think much about it, so they sat down, but no one sat down in the first seat on the right. I thought it was Tang Cheng's position. As a result, he stood directly beside Yuexi's seat, standing on the left back, lowering his eyebrows and not opening his mouth. What does the head of the hall want to see? Without greeting, Yuexi asked directly with a calm attitude. Qin Tangshou was also a straightforward man. He had no feeling about what seemed to be a little impolite. He said directly, "One is to thank the castellan for giving treasure, and the other is to ask for treasure for some brothers." Without the slightest euphemistic turn, Qin Tangshou said so. He Qin's eyes flashed. He thought that Yuexi's identity as a master of refining was not so easily exposed, or that people who knew the situation would not be willing to say it, and as a result.. He Wan to put himself in that shoes of the little girl. But then I suddenly found out. There doesn't seem to be much need. He looked up at the young man who had been lowering his eyes and eyebrows, and he felt no less than his cheap master. Seventh order? And Sha Daojun, who has never appeared, but definitely exists. He Qin felt a little useless for a moment. He sighed inwardly. What he can do now, it seems, is to try not to bring trouble and drag on the little girl as much as possible. Before that, he thought he could take care of each other and forced his adopted daughter. Result People say that the world is changing too fast, 30 years Hedong Hexi, but this is less than two years.. He Qin listened to Qin Tangshou talking with Yuexi. Respective commitments. Discuss the matter of refining. Go straight into silence. Listening to the words of gratitude and so on from the other harvesters to the little girl, he remained silent. Wait until Qin Tangshou and the five people leave. He Jin, who had been sitting upright and listening to the crowd with his eyes wide open, but had not opened his mouth, and He Qin, who had been meditating, were left behind very naturally. Yue Jin, Godfather, you come with me! The little girl slid down from the high chair, beckoned, interactive kiosk price , and left from the back of the hall, followed by Yue Jinle, who only trotted and murmured: "What Yuejin? Call me brother!" After seeing the strength of the little girl, seeing the power of the little girl, and seeing the status of the girl, Yuejin was only shocked for a moment and then recovered. Still as usual, still want to let his sister call him brother. He Qin's originally complex emotions suddenly disappeared, listening to the refutation of the little girl in front of him, what can beat her to call again and so on, dumbfounded. God attaches great importance to you.. "Tang Cheng suddenly opened his mouth.". He Qin's pupils shrank. God? Do not wait to think much, but people have followed in. A small courtyard. Riprap and green wood. Surrounded by rockery, flowing water and wooden pavilions. At first glance, He Qin saw the little girl throw a group of familiar thunder at Yuejin. He shouted, "Don't!" The thunder exploded an arc of light, enveloping Yue Jin. Yuexi looked at him in puzzlement. He Qin looked unspeakable. He gritted his teeth and said, "You can give him the one on my body. I don't need it.." Then I saw a young boy with a moving face. The latter said: "I don't need it either. Sister, you can use it yourself. Don't always give us the treasure. Aren't we going to be treated as waste?" Chapter 848 the way is set (2/5). "Take it when you give it!"! Don't give it back! Unless you don't recognize me as your family! Yuexi's words are very firm. He looked at the two men fiercely. Hearing her statement, Yue Jin was very moved. After He Qin was moved, he had no love. I hesitated for a moment Or choose to tell the truth. Otherwise, because of the care and attention of the adopted daughter. Plus the gifts of others for their kindness to their adopted daughter. He has been cheated more than once or twice! Last time, it was in the ghost land. Anyamo, the former boss, treated the serious injury he was going to use for promotion at once, and maintained the automatic treatment for a long time.. Otherwise, he would have been in the fifth rank! ...... "Use a serious injury to forge a body for promotion?" Yuexi looked at his adoptive father's whole body, his eyes flickering with gold and silver, and thoughtfully, Yuejin also suddenly, frowning at the same time thinking about something. He Qin looked away a little uneasily. Feel two small eyes seem to have a different meaning, this is to find that his elder is not a real genius, so.. He Qin, who has a feeling of pebbles mixed with jade 。 The mood is complicated. But with his talent, he wants to improve his cultivation as quickly as those peerless geniuses, and the secret of his current skills is of great significance to him. But the two are also the younger generation he values most. He doesn't want to have a conflict of ideas with them.. "Godfather, don't practice that skill for the time being!" Yuexi, with a serious little face, said to He Qin. Here it comes! He Qin smiled bitterly. Without practice, he can only remain in the fifth rank, and the current strength, to achieve his goal is not so simple, he needs to be stronger! Although do not want to have a conflict with the two small, but he Qin is still firm, shaking his head! Either you advance or you fall behind! Xiaoxi! Godfather has something to do! He didn't feel that if he didn't advance, he would fall behind. He just said so in the exercise, and he didn't feel guilty when he used it directly as a reason. Sky thunder can also quench the body! Yuexi frowned. I can set the exudation of the sky thunder to be precise, with the destruction and power of the sky thunder, the exercise of the body is stronger than countless kinds of exercises! 。 hsdtouch.com

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