Recommend her no one loves (total number: Situlanya Everything House

Recommend her no one loves (total number: Situlanya Everything HouseRecommend her no one loves (total number: Situlanya Everything House

She picked up the phone, "Uncle Zhang." Zhang Guolong's voice could not hide his excitement: "Younger sister!"! You have made a great contribution this time! You have made great contributions! Chen Yao had expected it, so she was not very surprised. She turned the pen in her hand and chuckled: "Then I want to congratulate Uncle Zhang. I have been busy for so many years, and finally it is not in vain." "Yes." Zhang Guolong also has countless feelings, "How many people lost their lives here, in exchange for the arrest of Lin Sheng today.." But you can rest assured that all your information has been destroyed by the police, no one will know your role in this case, that is, you may not be able to apply for a high bonus.. He felt very embarrassed, because without Chen Yao, the matter certainly could not be so simple. As early as before Lin Sheng went back, they learned the news, Lin Sheng and several other drug | owls meet, Zhang Guolong made a prompt decision to arrest, they know too little about Lin Sheng, most of the information is from undercover Chen Zhou, because of this, Chen Zhou paid too much too much, several times three times almost died, if because of the time relationship let Lin Sheng completely wash the business How can we live up to those comrades-in-arms who died?! Heaven pays off, they finally succeeded in destroying the drug Lord lair,ultrasonic cutting machine, and the presence of several big drug lords, in addition to two fierce resistance was killed, the rest were captured! Lin Sheng is undoubtedly the calmest person. He protects his information very closely. The only photo the police have is more than 20 years ago. Compared with more than 20 years ago, he has changed so much that even people who know him well may not recognize him from the photos. Even after his arrest, his attitude was very good, but he did not plead guilty, and he was completely immune to the interrogation, without any panic. He already has a back hand,ultrasonic spray nozzle, once arrested, his confidant will immediately destroy the villa of private territory, together with the evidence inside, and without evidence, at most there is a risk of being threatened in the future, that can be compared to arrest? He is a sly man who never does anything he is not sure of. Once the evidence is destroyed, what can the police do to him? However, to Lin Sheng's surprise, the villa had been destroyed, but the evidence was taken by the police! When he saw the small chip hidden in the rosary, his face, which had always been held lightly, finally showed an incredible expression for the first time! Zhang Guolong was in the interrogation room, and he watched it thoroughly! Several generations of police, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, arrested this man for decades, so many comrades died, including his close friend Chen Mo, finally arrested this big drug Lord, can be extradited back to China for trial! Of course, he would not answer Lin Sheng's question, let alone reveal Chen Yao. Lin Sheng was still thinking about Chen Yao. At the party that night, he realized that someone was going to harm Chen Yao. Unfortunately, the police broke in before he could order him to go down. Then his men destroyed the villa and did not know whether Chen Yao was alive or not. He likes her very much and appreciates her very much. They are the same kind and have a special attraction between the same kind. Zhang Guolong sneered and did not answer. Chen Yao looked at the plan and listened to Zhang Guolong's story. She had a smile on her face all the time. If someone familiar with her was present, she would be surprised. Such a smile had never been seen before. It turned out that Chen Yao would laugh so easily, happily, and contentedly. With a little relief. Until Zhang Guolong said a word on the phone. The smile at the corners of Chen Yao's mouth suddenly stopped. Ah She murmured, "Well." Zhang Guolong was silent for a long time before he said:.. I'm sorry Chen Yao immediately laughed again: "There is nothing to be sorry about. Besides, his life and death have nothing to do with me." Zhang Guolong paused for a long time and said another word. This time Chen Yao laughed out loud: ".." Uncle Zhang, do you think I'm short of 200,000 yuan? I don't want the money. You can do whatever you want with it. She smiled carelessly, but Zhang Guolong said softly:. Younger sister, I was on the side when Chen Zhou died. He told me to give you the money. He said that Chen Yao liked money and gave her all my pension. Chapter 153 Xiaodie found her boss very strange. What a strange way. In this way, no matter when, her beautiful boss is bright and beautiful, every minute and second of time will not be wasted, but today, she went in to deliver documents several times, every time, every time, the beautiful boss is in a daze! It seemed inappropriate to say that she was in a daze. Anyway, her eyes were empty, and she didn't write a word with a pen in her hand. She didn't finish reading the document she sent in for the first time. As a caring assistant, she must take care of the beautiful boss. Chen Yao, who came to her senses because of the call of the little butterfly, looked at her:.. What's the matter? Xiaodie blinked: "Boss, General Manager Mu of Aurora asked you if you had an appointment in the evening. He wanted to have dinner with you and discuss the next cooperation." Chen Yao was amused by her businesslike attitude and smiled like a spring flower. Xiaodie was almost so fascinated that she couldn't tell the difference between north, south, east and west. However, Chen Yao did not agree: "Tell him I have something to do in the evening. If it's business, I'll wait a few days." She knows what Mu Chen wants to do, discuss cooperation is only part of it, but just want to see her, speaking of them have not met for many days, but usually contact has not been broken, after all, the dawn can have today, also the role of Mu Chen. She has always made the best use of people, no matter what relationship she had and what entanglements she had, as long as she was profitable, Chen Yao could treat her with a different face. It's just, maybe not today. Today she is a little tired,ultrasonic cutting machine, she wants to go home to take a bath and sleep, wait until tomorrow, it will be all right.

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