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Shaya said impatiently, "Well, of course I don't know anything about ghost magic. Since you ask this question, you must know it in detail and clearly. Just say it. Why do you deliberately embarrass me to ask this kind of question again? It makes me look ignorant and makes you so happy?" Had it not been for the request to Shaya, Dora would have wanted to ignore this bastard! "The dead.." The dark magic of the undead has always been misunderstood by the world. Dora's voice seemed to gnash her teeth and said bitterly, "And the undead black magic is not only studied by your human magicians, but also by other races.". For example, our dragon race, there is a dark dragon race, living in the dark abyss, that dark dragon race is good at dark magic. Elves, for example, also have dark fallen elves, which are independent of other elf tribes and are famous for their dark magic. But whether in humans or elves or our dragons, they are hostile to the dark magic, and even think that all the dark undead magic is a symbol of depravity and evil.. "Bullshit." Shaya finally could not help but interject: "Only evil magicians, no evil magic.". Any power depends on the master who uses it. No matter how sharp a knife is, if it falls into the hands of a butcher,juice filling machine, it can only kill a pig, but if it falls into the hands of a warrior, it can only kill a person. Such a simple truth. Dora seemed to let out a burst of helpless laughter: "Any race has a deep-rooted bad habit, that is, they will hold a vigilant or even hostile attitude towards things that they cannot understand or are unfamiliar with.". This kind of nature exists in many races-perhaps only the goblins of ancient times have that kind of real broad mind. Shaya suddenly moved in his heart: "Since you said such words, then it seems that in your eyes,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, dark magic is not the same as evil, right?" "Of course not." Dora's tone was a little proud. "I'm not like those stupid, stubborn and conservative guys." After a pause, Dora continued, "Well, don't interrupt me again!"! I can tell you that the so-called dark undead magic, in fact, is not a symbol of evil, but the dark undead magic, are specialized in the study of the undead, for all races, the tradition has always been to respect the dead, for the deceased, water bottle packaging machine ,water filling machine, are that the soul to rest is the right way. The study of the undead by dark necromancy is considered to be blasphemous and disturbing to the souls of the dead, and disrespectful to the dead. This may be a traditional view, but in fact, every magician who is proficient in dark undead magic can be said to be an expert in the field of soul research! We dragons, humans, or other races, for thousands of years, we have desperately studied all kinds of forces, and even want to use the power of nature to produce countless powerful magicians, warriors, warriors, and even some of them can use the power of heaven and earth.. But sadly, we have not been able to truly understand ourselves! We You don't even know your own soul! I don't understand the power and magic in my soul. This may be the sadness of all races. "Well, don't be wordy about these seemingly noble words. Just say what you want!" Shaya touched her chin and said, "Listening to your cunning mother dragon say such compassionate words, I feel my scalp tingling." Dora snorted angrily, "Every necromancer is an expert in the field of the soul!"! They truly understand the mysteries of the realm of the soul that are unknown to most ordinary people! You know, to make an undead creature, it is necessary to extract the remaining attached soul power from the remains of the creature, and then refine it with special dark magic. Many people believe that the most powerful and terrible thing about undead magicians is that they'refine 'the undead. But everyone is wrong! Even many necromancers don't even realize what is really magical or precious in the fields they study! At this point, Dora seemed to be a little excited, and her voice trembled: "The most magical or precious research result of the undead magician is not how to refine the souls of the dead!"! Instead, they were'extracted 'from the bones! Silly boy, do you understand? The most amazing thing about undead magicians is that they can'extract 'the soul of the flesh!!! Then Then the refined undead will be re-injected into the body! Shaya, do you understand the subtlety of this? Xia Ya opened his mouth wide, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant, each of which made his mind like a lightning strike! Extract the soul.. Inject the soul! Immediately after Dora's reminder, Shaya became acutely aware of the true magic of this subtlety! Since undead magicians can extract souls from the bones of living things.. Then, perhaps, they also have a way to extract the soul from the body of a living creature! No, it's not possible, it's possible! Because Shaya has also heard that there are some particularly evil undead black magicians who like to refine living creatures into undead creatures for their own driving! That is to say, necromancers can extract the souls of living creatures from their bodies! You can also put your soul into a physical body! In an instant, Shaya understood what Dora meant! You.. You mother dragon, you want to. Dora was silent for a moment. "I am dead, my body is broken, but my soul is not gone …" I have a soul, but not a body. Then, all I need is an excellent super undead dark magician who can use magical undead magic to re-inject my soul into a body suitable for me. Speaking of this, Dora's voice trembled. I,plastic bottle making machine, think, recover, live! “……” Shaya was silent for a long time. Shaya did not seem to have much reaction to Dora's last words.

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